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Care2 depends on the generosity of contributors like Newton. We hope you will return the favor and visit his website! The following is an Email interview with Newton Caldwell:

What kind of work or accomplishments have you done with your photography? Photography is mainly an enjoyable part of my almost daily walks in a local park. I am always alert to a new situation that might provide an opportunity to take a picture.

Have you won any awards for your photos? I once (1961) won a blue ribbon for an entry in a Department of Justice art exhibit.

Why the interest in nature photography? I wished to learn the names of all the different natural specimens I encountered on my walks. I found that recording images of unknown flora and fauna assisted me in later learning their identity. I eventually began to enjoy the images as much for their beauty as for their instructive potential.

How many years have you been pursuing photography? Approximately 40.

What year were you born and where? 1941, in Bernice, LA.

Do you do this full time, and if not, what else do you do? I work as a Media Specialist at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I also write a column called Kiroli Strolls for the local newspaper, The News-Star, which details my impressions and experiences collected while walking in a local park of that name. For a time, I also taught short workshops in 35mm photography to beginning and intermediate photographers.

Has anyone been a particular inspiration to you in pursuing photography? I appreciate the work of Heather Angel as well as her approach. She sets about to collect natural images of living specimens and she leaves her subjects alive when she departs. Her emphasis is not upon the acquisition of a huge arsenal of equipment.

What is your goal with your photography? I am at the moment engaged in this photographic activity for the enjoyment of it and to share a few of my better shots with online friends.

Did you ever have any formal training in photography? I got a degree that included photography among other graphic arts from East Texas State University, in Commerce, TX.

What are the most compelling reasons to visit your site? If you refer to my personal website that exists now, the main reason would be to see pictures that illustrate my columns. If you refer to my images at Care2, then I suppose to see the natural world as I see it.

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