all votes for Bellingham Farmers Market

  • Cara Flora
  • 119 days, 3 minutes ago
They are very local, full of organic produce, yummy prepared foods, nice people, great music, plants and art. You can get everything you need here.
  • Anonymous
  • 137 days, 1 hour ago
Great atmosphere, great gathering place and great food and crafts in a beautiful location.
  • Anonymous
  • 142 days, 14 hours ago
Great local festivities and fair. I support local farmers and Bellingham's efforts to encourage community and connections.
  • shona hilton
  • 148 days, 2 hours ago
Great atmosphere, variety of stands and lovely location
  • Judy Foley
  • 149 days, 31 minutes ago
It's local, it's bustling, it makes me smile. Great food and people.
  • Michelle Howard-Cook
  • 150 days, 13 hours ago
it just so nice to go and see your local growers and knowing i can buy from them not some big change store
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 14 hours ago
Great food and produce, great vendors, and fun for all
  • Liana Lipman
  • 150 days, 15 hours ago
The people , the food, all is wonderful!
  • Pat Taylor
  • 150 days, 16 hours ago
LOVE the fresh veggies off the local farms and the crafts are awesome.
  • Dena Jensen
  • 150 days, 17 hours ago
The greatest produce, flowers, cooked items, crafts, nicest people, and such a variety of entertainment. It's the full package!
  • Erica Percich
  • 150 days, 18 hours ago
Awesome variety. Great food, drink, music, EVERYTHING
  • Jen Morrison
  • 150 days, 19 hours ago
The B'ham Market makes supporting local farms and restaurants practical and festive, and there are so many delicious choices each week!
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 19 hours ago
  • Leah travers
  • 150 days, 19 hours ago
fresh, awesome local food; beautiful and creative products from soap to jewelry to clothing and more; family fun, and it's energizing to be there!
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 20 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 20 hours ago
  • Janaya Goselin
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
Fresh produce, friendly people, fun for kids and adults! Entertainment and warm atmosphere. Supporting our local businesses help keep the Bellingham economy alive and well
  • Jennifer Burns
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
fresh LOCAL food!
  • kathleen mcinnes
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
i get so excited knowing i am going to the bellingham farmers market. I know when i return home i am going to have earths bounty of greatness for my body,mind and soul. i know all the love and labors that have gone into everything there and you bring that home too! an amazing way we share as a human species.
  • Lori Williamson
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
why not is the question ! ; )
  • Travis Crosbie
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
I just do.
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
In addition to great produce,meat,and dairy,the quality of local crafts is amazing. A great place to buy gifts as well as groceries
  • Scott North
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
The Bellingham Farmers Market brings our community together. It is an every weekend "must do!"
  • Sibyl Stronach
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
We enjoy the music and other talents, the awesome food, including the crepes and greek eyros. So many deversified items to choose from. Lots of great produce, berries, cheeses and plants and flowers. WE love the atmosphere and appreciate the additional parking. What a great way to spend Saturday mid-day. Thanks so much for being there!
  • Ryan Burns
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
Love my local farmers market!
  • Amy Jones
  • 150 days, 22 hours ago
i make an effort to eat local, fresh produce as the main part of my diet. the bellingham farmers market makes that process not only easy, but delightful!
  • Connie Clement
  • 150 days, 22 hours ago
Fresh, local produce!!!
  • Philip Humphries
  • 157 days, 17 hours ago
Great selection of local produce and food.
  • Rachel Price
  • 158 days, 2 hours ago
Best crafts of any market i've ever been to!
  • Dorene Dykstra
  • 158 days, 2 hours ago
its the best place to eat, drink, and buy veggies!!!
  • Betsy Cassell
  • 164 days, 16 hours ago
I have been selling my wears for 9 years now at the market, and have watched it grow into a wonderful space for our community to gather and support each other.
  • Pat Preisinger
  • 164 days, 20 hours ago
It is the place where we connect with friends, which now include many of the vendors. My kids sell products for kids vending day and this has given them a great opportunity to interact with people - a good learning experience.
  • Good Natured Earthling Cedar Mountain Herb School
  • 165 days, 23 minutes ago
I'm a vendor!
  • Anonymous
  • 165 days, 15 hours ago
It's the best place to be in Bellingham on a Saturday!
  • Jessica Icay
  • 166 days, 3 hours ago
  • William Irwin
  • 166 days, 22 hours ago
  • Nancy Mittlestadt
  • 167 days, 6 hours ago
I love it.
  • Tal Adams
  • 167 days, 18 hours ago
Because my cousin asked me to do this.
  • Petra Clark
  • 167 days, 18 hours ago
I used to live in Bellingham and so enjoyed going to the Farmers Market. I still have friends and now even family that live there and would love for them to have the money to make improvements and maybe add more variety
  • maureen o'connell
  • 167 days, 18 hours ago
Good atmoshere, friendly people, good surroundings, clean and a great variety from local people!
  • Anonymous
  • 171 days, 17 hours ago
A great way for "City Folk" to get A #1 fresh farm goods.
  • Kacy Sigl
  • 171 days, 19 hours ago
Farm fresh organic veggies still damp with morning dew...
  • Kathy Hughes
  • 171 days, 22 hours ago
good food
  • Anonymous
  • 172 days, 2 hours ago
I love to cook, and the Bellingham Farmers Market is a great place to go to get inspiration each week - I can pick up amazing local produce and other food products, grab a delicious bite of lunch, and it's convenient to my home.
  • Abby Patten
  • 172 days, 3 hours ago
Bellinghams market has great variety and a fun atmosphere. It is well run and organized. Great vendors and awesome seasonal veggie selection! A vegan dream come true.
  • Anonymous
  • 172 days, 3 hours ago
It is a fun and uplifting gathering place for good food, music and those young and old who believe in, and are creating a sustainable community.
  • Anonymous
  • 174 days, 18 hours ago
Great prices and great people! So friendly!
  • Marie Marshall
  • 175 days, 21 hours ago
Because they have the best jerky around!
  • Anonymous
  • 175 days, 21 hours ago
More small markets are needed. All over the world, and should have support from all over the world to.
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 3 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 13 hours ago
It's been there forever and just keeps improving.
  • Monica Witkowski
  • 176 days, 21 hours ago
They have things for every member of the family and such a variety of different items.
  • Amanda Higgins
  • 177 days, 19 hours ago
The people are friendly and I can find pretty much everything I'm looking for.
  • Anonymous
  • 177 days, 23 hours ago
Great product at great prices, tons of variety and diversity, awesome buskers, and excellent location.
  • Leah Rosenau
  • 177 days, 23 hours ago
I love going to the Bellingham Farmers Market each week to see whats new and to get great deals and amazing clothes, food and crafts. And to get my weekly fix of local music and hoola~hooping. ;)
  • Emily Irwin
  • 178 days, 7 minutes ago
Great atmosphere, great food, well organized.
  • Anonymous
  • 178 days, 2 hours ago
Great produce, plants, flowers, crafts and people!
  • Anonymous
  • 178 days, 4 hours ago
Good people, good products and good times
  • Vanessa Lauffer
  • 178 days, 12 hours ago
  • Crissy Cunagin
  • 178 days, 13 hours ago
  • Stefanie Weis
  • 178 days, 13 hours ago
It is a great place to spend your Saturday, with wonderful food, produce and crafts. There are also fun activities for the kids.
  • Anonymous
  • 178 days, 14 hours ago
  • Michelle Masayon
  • 178 days, 15 hours ago
My favorite vendor is there!
  • Jessica Poitras
  • 178 days, 16 hours ago
It's a great place with wonderful people and excellent produce.
  • Christine Hanson
  • 178 days, 16 hours ago
Great Jerky!! And the people are so friendly!
  • Beth Cassell
  • 178 days, 16 hours ago
The best beef jerky of anywhere! The people are friendly & its a fun place for kids.
  • Shellie Miller
  • 178 days, 16 hours ago
They have some very diverse products and the people there are great!
  • Krisha Collins
  • 178 days, 16 hours ago
It's great place to go.
  • Crystal Hall
  • 178 days, 16 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 178 days, 17 hours ago
Bellingham Farmers Market has a wide variety of products to choose from and the people are friendly and fun. I feel at home whenever I am there, though I can't make it up a lot because I live in southern California.
  • Anonymous
  • 178 days, 17 hours ago
Awesome produce, great vendors, yummy kettle corn, delicious ice cream, and natural beef jerky that's hotter than anything else on the planet!
  • Melissa Clark
  • 178 days, 17 hours ago
  • Christina Olinger
  • 181 days, 1 hour ago
They Rock!
  • Jasmine Chavez
  • 181 days, 18 hours ago
I love supporting the local community of my home town! to see how much Bellingham has grown and how much fun it is to spend a morning or afternoon at the market w/ the genuine feeling of fun, fresh and lively! I can't get enough!!!
  • steve & Andrea torok
  • 181 days, 21 hours ago
Organization is excellent, buskers are great, farmers can only sell what THEY grow (not someone else's produce from who knows where!). Great atmosphere where friends meet and gather!
  • Chelsea Grun
  • 182 days, 15 hours ago
It is a beautiful place where all types of people, music, and food gather to celebrate our community. Support local!
  • Cynthia St. Clair
  • 182 days, 19 hours ago
LOCAL freshest food possible, lots of choices, and wonderful people!
  • Hans Trieselmann
  • 182 days, 20 hours ago
Great stuff and local of course!
  • Katie Hinton
  • 182 days, 23 hours ago
  • Kathy Hasenjaeger
  • 183 days, 16 hours ago
Lots of local organic produce & bakery items to choose from. Excellent quality and well priced crafts, jewelry, art, clothing and furniture. Wonderful entertainment. The permanent covers make it pleasant to shop rain or shine. We bring all our out of town guests for guaranteed smiles!
  • Anonymous
  • 183 days, 18 hours ago
Love it as a place for my kids to build connections in seeeing where their food comes from. Love to buy flowers, pottery, soap and cheese!
  • Debbie Lowery
  • 184 days, 10 hours ago
This Market is like a weekly festival.. It's vibrant and exciting with good eats, a wide variety of quality crafts. There's gorgeously displayed, deliciously- fresh produce and plenty of buskers to keep things really interesting.
  • Thomas Stanley
  • 185 days, 1 hour ago
Local crops not only support the local economy, but also the local flora and fauna.
  • Laurie Sherve
  • 185 days, 1 hour ago
Local FRESH produce! Great atmosphere!
  • Celina Tate
  • 185 days, 2 hours ago
Great to buy local, love the atmosphere, great products, and I love their graphic design/marketing.
  • Jamie Xxxxxx
  • 185 days, 12 hours ago
I support the Bellingham Public market each weekend because it offers me the absolutely wonderful opportunity to support local farming in Whatcom county and because its a wonderfully fun place to meet with friends and make new ones. I LOVE that they support the creativity of youngsters by giving them the opportunity to have booths the last Saturday of every Month! How great is that!!! I also appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the creation of the space with its recycled bridge trusses and parking lot on the weekdays...How well thought thru, no wasted space!!!
  • Cathy Fout
  • 185 days, 14 hours ago
The BFM is by far the best market, both for customers and vendors. It is a community within the community, and is a unique experience.
  • Orion Polinsky
  • 185 days, 14 hours ago
Because they have an emphasis of hand made and local. They have the best selection of organic produce.
  • Suzy Tonini
  • 185 days, 15 hours ago
Because it's great to help the local folks make a living and the goods are YUMMY
  • Courtney Whitfield
  • 185 days, 17 hours ago
My mom is a vendor and is amazing at what she does!! The people are so friendly and they love what they do! The quality in the food, body care, jewlery is outstanding! Its a good way to support and give back to the community!
  • Martin Fout
  • 185 days, 17 hours ago
Good food and good people. What could be better ? Also great craft items.
  • Nicole Champagne
  • 185 days, 19 hours ago
Because the food is good, fresh and buying local helps support my local economy.
  • Anonymous
  • 185 days, 20 hours ago
Because they are committed to vending quality produce, crafts and foods. And you can also feel the family community of the regular vendors
  • Paul Ellis
  • 185 days, 20 hours ago
It has great vendors, fresh products and a great crowd of visitors.... plus damned fine coffee
  • Joanne Craig
  • 185 days, 20 hours ago
  • Charity Serdahl
  • 185 days, 21 hours ago
  • Jackie Ryan
  • 185 days, 23 hours ago
I think we have one of the nicest Farmers' Markets that I have visited and that includes a bunch. The atmosphere is festive and there is a real sense of community. I believe in eating fresh and that's the best place to get it! Its fun,fun,fun!
  • Kristin Teske
  • 185 days, 23 hours ago
Quaint, great varity, quality artisans
  • judy cash
  • 185 days, 23 hours ago
I love the people, the music, the colors, the ambience!!! It's just a great place to spend the afternoon.
  • George E Meekins
  • 186 days, 2 minutes ago
The market is centrally located, there are a variety of vendors, iIt opens up opportunities to young people wanting to participate in a retail environment and it exudes positive energy.
  • Hue Beattie
  • 186 days, 11 minutes ago
It helps keep our county rural by allowing local small farmers to make a living.
  • Lynn Ringstad
  • 186 days, 1 hour ago
Its a great place to have a yummy lunch, buy fresh local produce and run into good friends. Mallards Ice Cream is a plus, too.
  • lesa boxx
  • 186 days, 1 hour ago
It is a great place for small farmers to sell their harvest. I have watched it grow from the very beginning, being a part of it myself as the E. Washington fruit vendor. It has come a long way since then and I'm proud of the job that is being done to promote it.
  • Robin Holcomb
  • 186 days, 1 hour ago
  • colleen burrows
  • 186 days, 1 hour ago
It has such positive energy!
  • Noelle Lalario
  • 186 days, 1 hour ago
Love the new building, good parking, great vendors.
  • Yvonne Madsen
  • 186 days, 2 hours ago
Mmmmmmm. Cupcakes.
  • Sydney Cole
  • 186 days, 2 hours ago
I love seeing all my local folks coming together each week!
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 2 hours ago
Tons of local goods and commitment to zero waste
  • Ericka Christensen
  • 186 days, 2 hours ago
Excellent variety of merchandise and produce as well as entertainment for kids every Saturday! My favorite food vendor is Brandywine kitchen!!!!
  • Gina Saettone
  • 186 days, 3 hours ago
Because they fill me with life.
  • caroline kinsman
  • 186 days, 3 hours ago
BEST place to get freshest produce and most unique products!
  • Jessica Spencer
  • 186 days, 3 hours ago
Great locally grown food, fun home-made crafts, dynamic street entertainment and a fantastic atmosphere!
  • Anna Coffman
  • 186 days, 4 hours ago
Great fresh produce! Very friendly athmosphere.
  • Doug Dale
  • 186 days, 4 hours ago
Just the greatest selection of food, flowers,people, entertainment,and fun!!
  • Mary Lee Fenton
  • 186 days, 4 hours ago
I love the Bellingham Market! I enjoy all the great fresh and local products. The Market brings the community together. The Chef in the market is a great added cooking using all the products from the market.
  • Pamela Guyer
  • 186 days, 10 hours ago
  • Drp Weaver
  • 186 days, 11 hours ago
Fresh, quality, mouth-watering, locally grown food is the top reason, but you really can get that other places in Bellingham. So there must be something else about OUR Market that inspires anticipation and participation every week.... Could it be the the huge variety of music that rings the market vibrantly alive with joy? Or maybe the flower, textile, pottery or jewlery vendors that pop their colors so artfully right along with the veggies? Or maybe it's the scents of myriad regional cuisines wafting this way and that enticing our noses and tastebuds? Or could it be the feel of my young grandson's hand in mine as we join other people in the rich connection of community like no other? I suspect it's all of these things that fill our senses and souls and make the Bellingham Farmers Market the BEST!
  • LISA IMUS Imus
  • 186 days, 12 hours ago
Awesome local stuff:)
  • Lauren Cleary
  • 186 days, 12 hours ago
The Farmer's Market in Bellingham is absolutely incredible! I love exploring as much as I can! Great atmosphere, friendly and diverse vendors, tons of choices of food, plants and accessories!
  • Tina T-P
  • 186 days, 12 hours ago
Best place to get fresh fruits & vegies in season, and always the best season to see old friends.
  • Tiffany Burdette
  • 186 days, 12 hours ago
It's an adventure every Saturday! I only wish I was able to attend the Weds one in Fairhaven as well! It's such a treat to walk around and be able to select your own farm fresh produce and other products. You get a chance to see the people behind the organic choices. It's so much better than trying to get some teenage employee at Haggen or Fred Meyer to even look at you when you need help! I can't wait to go this Saturday, I hope they have lots of berries!!
  • Kate West
  • 186 days, 12 hours ago
Great vendors, excellent food & atmosphere, lots of selection.
  • Rick Wright
  • 186 days, 13 hours ago
It Rocks!!!
  • John Ayre
  • 186 days, 13 hours ago
It's truly a great family experience. My two boys love going there for the food, music and honey sticks. We all look forward to it every Saturday. My kids love the market so much that I suggested we go camping the other Friday and their reply was, "what about the market Saturday morning".
  • bob brandow
  • 186 days, 13 hours ago
it provides a local economy to small farmers in my community
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 14 hours ago
because it is made of an old steel bridge and looks like a railway station
  • Lisl Schroeder
  • 186 days, 14 hours ago
Great local veggies, good food, and local products.
  • Helen Campbell
  • 186 days, 14 hours ago
I love the availability of fresh local produce, or plants, every weekend, and there are wonderful herbal soaps, teas and coffee, cheese, pottery, clothing, and various food vendors as well. Added benefit is the promotion of local community programs though out the year, and a kids market one Saturday a month through the summer. When you are wandering the booths, you can just feel the good energy!
  • Austin Rose
  • 186 days, 15 hours ago
Its the most beautiful farmer's market I have ever seen that captures the loveable spirit of Bellingham.
  • Tina White
  • 186 days, 15 hours ago
The best local produce,great crafts,fun buskers, even learn how to prepare the best the market has to offer. Grab the kids, hit the food booths, get caught up with the neighbors or make new friends and spend the day!
  • Shonie Schlotzhauer
  • 186 days, 16 hours ago
Our farmers market rocks!
  • Cynthia Poppe
  • 186 days, 16 hours ago
Locally grown, down home, creative, choice, and wholesomely healthy good foods and good times filled with good folks!
  • Brian Davidson
  • 186 days, 17 hours ago
  • Jamie Imus
  • 186 days, 17 hours ago
Our local farmers consistently bring us the freshest, most nutritious and hardiest veg, dairy and meats anywhere in the northwest!! Great chefs at the market and my kids love a chance to show off their hoola-hooping skills, as well. Don't even get me started on the kettle corn, food vendors and spice hut....
  • Christie Tomlin
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
Fresh, local & lively, thats the Bellingham Farmers Market.
  • Heather Davidson
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
I love our local market and all of the vendors, farmers, performers, and artisans that share their talents and nutritious goodness with the people of our community. BFM has one of the most solid community support systems I've seen yet, and I want to contribute to the success of such a great system!
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
  • Chelsea St.Claire
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
Wonderful people and produce. Love the street performers and the atmosphere of good food and friendship. My kids love to get up, walk to the market for lunch and shopping. It's a true local hang out!
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
Because it is local farmers selling local stuff. I like that children can sell there stuff once each month. The atmosphere is exciting, colorful, friendly, nutritious and just plan fun!
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
Well organized, diversity in vendors, strong support within the community
  • daniel Hammill
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
BFM promotes and supports local farmers, food producers and artists. It is well-run and organized and a center point for our community.
  • Gail Nelson
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
It is simply the best farmers market I have ever been to.
  • Molly Hayes
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
Great local produce...wonderful food...supports a fabulous community event.
  • Amber Remington
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
  • Chuck Robinson
  • 186 days, 18 hours ago
The Bellingham Farmers Market has been a great promoter of local food as well as being one of the best community builders in the county. Running a market on Saturdays in the Downtown and one on Wednesdays in Fairhaven has been a huge boon to the entire area.
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
From a marriage proposal in the beginning of the year at the market to farmers sharing some of the best local produce grown including our crafters with very unique and specialty gifts. My favorite is KIDS day they get to sale their craft items and the enjoyment seeing their smiles on their faces.
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
It's a fun array of great local produce, plants, clothing, crafts, music, and people...a rich buffet for all 5 of my toddler's senses!
  • Cheryl Thornton
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
The Bellingham Farmer's Market has become an event and place to shop for local products. The atmosphere is one of support, friendliness, care and commitment about our local farming community. It grows better every year with more and more availalble.
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
It's a great wholesome farmers market that I enjoy going to and the fresh pretzels and bread is amazing.
  • Elizabeth Snyder
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
I love this market! We go every Saturday to see all of the vendors and buy our produce and breads and meats. And of course cupcakes. It just gets better and better every year!
  • Eva Agudelo
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
I support the Bellingham Farmers Market because they allow our counties' many hard-working and brilliant farmers to enrich us with delicious, healthy, locally-produced food. Hurray for local food!
  • Theresa Carpine
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
I support the Bellingham Farmers Market because itís a great way to bring the community together. The food tastes great, the crafts are one of a kind, and thereís always something new to see.
  • Kristin Donahue
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
The Bellingham Farmers' Market has an incredible selection of local organic produce, suprior quality meats, seafood and dairy products, wonderful baked goods gorgeous flowers and plants, plus an amazing array of locally made gifts and clothing. Also this summer at the Saturday market they have a guest chef who demonstrates how to best select, store and use our local foods. Our market is not only a treat to attend but a standard on our weekly shopping route.
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
Locals supporting locals! Plus the vendors, the volunteers, and the staff are all such a joy to talk to. This is the best organized and most cohesive farmer's market I've ever seen. This market is headed in the right direction! Keep it up folks!
  • Lenore Gordon
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
I love to buy local. I want to support the local farmers and vendors. I love the quality of fresh, local produce.
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
I love the local vendors and I LOVE that they have a kid's vending day. It's a great way for children to learn about business. The people are friendly and the products are quality.
  • Susan Porter
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
I love how it showcases all the great things about our community.
  • Rhianon Irilli
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
  • Erin Boyd
  • 186 days, 19 hours ago
Because it rocks!
  • Julia Poland
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
The Bellingham Farmers Market is a great place to shop for food, you can find not only fruits and vegetables, but organic, grass-fed beef, pork, and poultry; sometimes eggs; gifts; plants; clothing. It's a place to see and be seen in Bellingham!
  • Michael Stevenson
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
I make a point of visiting the Bellingham Farmers Market everytime I am in town. It is superior to anything in my local area.
  • Chris Flack
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
Because it is one of the best farmer's markets in the country! Incredible produce and goods, huge variety, great local food and vendors, diverse buskers and entertainment, and strong commitment to community and sustainability. My family and I go every Saturday. My son is growing up with the Market as part of his weekend routine.
  • Renee Bourgault
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
It's a great Saturday ritual...grab a cup of hot coffee, peruse the fresh produce, fill up my market basket and head home to cook something that was harvested that morning. Yum!
  • Terri Booth
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
Great people; great fresh local food, family-friendly fun
  • Sue Ellen Heflin
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
The variety of local food and the atmosphere of sharing a fun community.
  • Louise Highleyman
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
  • Alex Winstead
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
I love the mushrooms!
  • Kelly Tessitore
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
I love supporting local ORGANIC farmers.
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
Family friendly atmosphere with lots to see and do!
  • Anonymous
  • 186 days, 20 hours ago
So many options and love supporting local!
  • Dana Ellis
  • 186 days, 21 hours ago
It's bustling and busy, but small enough to remember your name! Excellent local produce, crafts, locally roasted coffee--what's not to like?
  • Caprice Teske
  • 186 days, 21 hours ago
It celebrates our community!
  • Terry Garrett
  • 190 days, 1 hour ago
Commerce the way it is ment to be! All local, with the commmunity sharing in fun and education. Yum food.
  • Margaret Lyons
  • 192 days, 18 hours ago
Because all the vendors are so friendly, knowledgeable, helpful; the food (farm and restaurant is delightful; there are always people we know there.
  • Paul Brower
  • 192 days, 19 hours ago
The best local cheese, produce and meats. What more could I ask for? I'll tell ya! It's also the best place for lunch on a Saturday.
  • Judy Oxford
  • 192 days, 22 hours ago
Fresh produce from local growers and everything else from earrings to buffalo steaks! Great food to munch, music, super location! Just a fun place to go, meet up with friends and shop for fresh BBQ fixins.
  • tara camp
  • 192 days, 22 hours ago
Because it's more than just a market, it's culture & a way of life!
  • Joshua Willems
  • 192 days, 22 hours ago
  • Scott Pierce
  • 192 days, 22 hours ago
This has become a father-daughter ritual. Shop for produce, see the bands, face painting, hurdy-gurdy man, try the hula hoops, browse the crafts, hot dog, ice cream... in that order. And on opening day, it's not just a day, it's a community celebration.
  • Shawn Smith
  • 192 days, 23 hours ago
It is a fantastic way to connect our small farmers and artists with the community. Bellingham supports this with a beautiful building in a beautiful setting. The surrounding retail and dining supports and adds to the overall atmosphere of the Bellingham Farmers Market.
  • April Claxton
  • 192 days, 23 hours ago
This is one of the highlights of my week. It's a great place to stock up on produce and other tasty foods, do any birthday or holiday shopping I have and also connect with friends.
  • Jean Layton
  • 194 days, 23 hours ago
  • cindy paffumi
  • 201 days, 15 hours ago
  • Wendy Chambers
  • 202 days, 13 hours ago
Because the honey is delicious, the bread is divine and the people are my people.
  • Anonymous
  • 203 days, 22 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
Our farmers market offers many amazing local foods as well as keeps our community vibrant with local entertainment and crafts. It is a thriving market that allows our community to connect in a meaningful way and deserves recognition.
  • Jennifer Beckmeyer
  • 204 days, 19 minutes ago
  • Shirley Jacobson
  • 204 days, 3 hours ago
Connects me with my community.
  • Charlene McLaughlin
  • 204 days, 8 hours ago
Food, Fun, Fantastic!
  • Amy Trenary
  • 204 days, 11 hours ago
Locally grown, organic food is best for my family and my community. The people are great, the atmosphere is fun and there is a genuine feeling of connectedness.
  • Mary Stanton
  • 204 days, 13 hours ago
  • Lynn Allen
  • 204 days, 14 hours ago
It's green, it's organic, it's musicians and dancers and all that jazz. It's community at it's best. It's a lot of fun.
  • Judith Brightman
  • 204 days, 14 hours ago
Because it is the BEST!
  • Janet Kingsley
  • 204 days, 15 hours ago
Right here at home in our very own backyard . . . locally grown food, creative minds, caring community and fabulous friendship!
  • Jean Layton
  • 204 days, 16 hours ago
Cause I love knowing my farmers, they keep me healthy
  • Barbara H Brandt
  • 204 days, 20 hours ago
Fresh, delicious, healthy, unique food items; cooking tips; happy and friendly people; interesting crafts and crafters, music to sing and dance to, a good reminder of why I chose to live in this small city.
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 23 hours ago
  • Linda Adler
  • 204 days, 23 hours ago
I love to go to the market. It's a community happening, with wonderful local produce and crafts filled with happy, friendly people.
  • Cyndy Sheldon
  • 205 days, 2 hours ago
Besides there being so much local produce and crafts, there are many opportunities for children to participate!
  • Oscar BaAye
  • 205 days, 12 hours ago
I was in it from its very beginning and I met longstanding friends through this market.
  • channet francisco
  • 205 days, 12 hours ago
Always fresh, friendly and full of good craftsmen
  • Erika Almskaar
  • 205 days, 15 hours ago
I work at my farmers market selling crepes with my French buddy, Jerome. I am always excited to head to work in the morning, knowing I will be making good food for people I know, and meeting new people because of good food! It is wonderful to be able to see your patrons face, instead of their credit card, and to be conscious of where our ingredients came from.
  • Leslie Shankman
  • 205 days, 17 hours ago
Sense of community, high prana produce, hard working, earth loving creative people growing vegetables, making food and products, entertainment, place for activism, place to celebrate life...pretty good for one venue, Thanks!
  • Steven Biggio
  • 205 days, 17 hours ago
Local, local, local. Do I need to say more, ok, best in the NW!
  • Sherry Nelson
  • 205 days, 17 hours ago
High quality produce and plants, fine jewelers and craftspeople, good food, lively atmosphere, it's the place to be on a Saturday!
  • Sandy Chasteen
  • 205 days, 18 hours ago
I love to get my fix of Guadelupe's coffee and of course the fresh vegetables, beautiful flowers, wonderful local crafts, enjoy the live entertainment, wiggle around in the hula hoops-and the balloon guy just rocks. I hope he gets his suggested tip of $5, 031.29 one day. :)
  • Chloe Reid
  • 205 days, 18 hours ago
Small, personal, everything you need, and an escape from the toils of the halls of grocery stores.
  • Mel Asplund
  • 205 days, 19 hours ago
Fresh & friendly
  • Jack Tate
  • 205 days, 19 hours ago
The hurdy-gurdy man and the organic produce.
  • Donna Dittmar
  • 205 days, 20 hours ago
One of the most favorite things I love to do while visiting my daughter in Bellingham is to visit the Farmers Market on a Saturday. Local farms and artisans and a variety of seasonal produce and eclectic activity awaits any visitor. The music often accompanies the relaxed environ and a mix of college students, local residents, visitors and Canadians make up the population of weekly shoppers. Sampling a tasty treat of a varied sort of offerings is also a delicious experience. The flowers will grace my daughters "Green" wedding this summer. Nimbus, a local gourmet top of the line restaurant is inspired by the natural growers and seasonal produce of the region and features a varied menu of seasonal delights. We welcome you to visit our market!
  • Laurie Werbner
  • 205 days, 20 hours ago
great locally grown, fresh food.
  • ronnie mitchell
  • 205 days, 20 hours ago
organic food and great people.
  • Ellis French
  • 205 days, 23 hours ago
A wonderful community atmosphere and fresh foods.
  • Colleen Curtis
  • 206 days, 12 hours ago
  • Jennifer Patterson
  • 206 days, 15 hours ago
Awesome fresh local food
  • Anonymous
  • 206 days, 15 hours ago
  • Kirsten Lew
  • 206 days, 17 hours ago
It has such a wonderful community atmosphere! The vendors are all fantastic - it's the best of local Bellingham/Whatcom county in one place!
  • Sara Johnston
  • 206 days, 17 hours ago
It's great to meet the people who grow the food, and the Bellingham Farmers Market is always colorful and entertaining, full of yummy food and lots more.
  • Joyce Dillenberger
  • 206 days, 23 hours ago
It's a fun place to go! Fresh produce, local food, fun entertainment, and lots of people getting together and enjoying the venue. Plus, great deals on fresh, local food!
  • Roxanne Nelson
  • 207 days, 1 hour ago
It is a great market that really brings the community together. It is held right downtown, nearly all of the farmers are organic, and during peak season, I can buy almost all the produce I need there.

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