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Matthews Community Farmers Market

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  • Melinda Koenigsberg
  • 2268 days, 13 hours ago
  • Judy Muhlsteff
  • 2268 days, 16 hours ago
Beautiful , bold and fragrant smells and tastes of our local farmers hard work... Nothing in a chain store could ever come close to our local veggies, fruits,cheeses, flowers, breads, herbs. Not to forget the local free range meats. poltry and eggs available. The weekly lessons offered are ALWAYS a highlight.. fresh roasting peppers, can't ya just smell it? ..I could just go on and on how I love our little Community Market. But what I enjoy most are the smiling faces.. When you are there strolling around taking in the sun and smells of all natures bounty its like being surrounded by family. No pushy people pushing there wears with unhappy faces..Only Real good hard working folk sharing their labors with their friends and family. Thats what is found here at our Community Farmers Market. Come join us!
  • Jay Jackson
  • 2252 days, 23 hours ago
This is one of the best and oldest markets in the Charlotte area. The farmer has to be at the market. So we know our farmers personally and love them all. All of the food is local and sustainably raised. We've have never eaten so good.
  • Dawn Carpenter
  • 2258 days, 20 hours ago
  • Johanna Ashbaugh
  • 2260 days, 12 hours ago
Healthy food, healthy community! I especially love their "Chef" programs!

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  • Marshall Chapman
  • 2215 days, 17 hours ago
goood suff
  • Kathryn Parker
  • 2217 days, 16 hours ago
As a vendor we have had the most wonderful experiences with the folks that come and visit our booth at the Matthews market. It is a pleasure to get up on Saturdays knowing that we'll be enjoying the music and lively activity. The folks that work at, volunteer for and support the market are the greatest. We are fortunate to be involved with such a friendly community.
  • kaye shutze
  • 2218 days, 23 hours ago
the booths are many and the bounties are always plentiful, altho overpriced. Everyone is neighborly and informative on their expertize. Great atmosphere and chef demo each Sat. Having a tasting at some of booths was yummy and helpful and made us want to come back. My husband and I find it a happy experience since we love fresh and organic whenever possible.
  • Anonymous
  • 2219 days, 19 hours ago
I like it because it is always fresh, friendly and fun. It is constantly changing and the layout feels very down to earth and I just love shopping there.
  • Tisha S
  • 2219 days, 23 hours ago
I get a great pleasure from buying those excellent veggies, the crisp, fresh greens, firm and glossy eggplants and peppers, fresh eggs, and so many other wonderful items. Knowing that the foods are organic,and raised within a radius of 50 miles from my home is a big part of that. There is an atmosphere of goodwill and common interest between all the shoppers and venders that is a welcome change from ordinary life.
  • Anonymous
  • 2222 days, 23 hours ago
Matthews Farmer's Market is everything a farmer's market should be---all locally grown produce that you can feel good about buying and eating.
  • Anonymous
  • 2224 days, 21 hours ago
There's a bell at 7:15?!?!? '-D Hey, I'm not a "morning person" but I'll still roll out of bed by 8 and run to the Matthews Farmers Market. It has the best of everything - food, fun and community - along with a great website to share information too!
  • Anonymous
  • 2227 days, 16 hours ago
Love it! Great food, great community!
  • Stacey Polak
  • 2228 days, 12 hours ago
It is such an easy, teaching tool about food for my kids. They see and meet the farmers, see what they grow without any 18-wheelers, factories and distributors beetween us and the food.
  • Bill Hicks
  • 2236 days, 10 minutes ago
I like knowing I'm buying from local farmers in the area. Selection is great, programming is great.