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Haywood Historic Farmers Market

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  • Barbra Gulisano
  • 2345 days, 20 hours ago
It took some great people to make this market what it is today.We now have the BEST market and we are loving it.
  • Christy White McLean
  • 2356 days, 3 hours ago
Wonderful fresh food and flowers. Great people too.
  • Martha Brown
  • 2351 days, 6 hours ago
Good, local, hard-working folk! Great surroundings and wonderful town!

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  • Linda Dickinson
  • 2301 days, 6 hours ago
  • Andrea Jones
  • 2305 days, 7 hours ago
It's a great warm feeling market that has tons of local produce.
  • Jackie Lafer
  • 2339 days, 6 hours ago
The Haywood Historic Farmers Market is an opportunity for local growers and craftfolk to bring their best efforts to market. The diversity of vendors along with the variety of seasonal plants and produce guarantees our customers a twice weekly opportunity to buy locally and enjoy produce fresh from the field. The chance to ask questions of the growers and possibly acquire a new way to prepare the fresh herbs and vegetables available, does not exist when shopping in a store. The chance to meet at the market and visit with the vendors and the customers (and enjoy some of the yummiest baked goods in Haywood County) is the best reason to circle Wednesdays and Saturdays on the calendar as "Market Days"!
  • Anonymous
  • 2339 days, 8 hours ago
I think it encourages people to buy locally, and encourages people to start there own gardens and it teaches kids that there is more to life.
  • MaryBeth Fugate
  • 2340 days, 16 hours ago
I know the folks who worked hard to get the market where it is, and I have much respect for them. Thank you!
  • Buffy Queen
  • 2340 days, 17 hours ago
Our organic farmers and the vendors who bring their plants, handcrafts, cheese, seafood and other items like local honey and baked goods are just the best! It's great to talk to them all. I know that I'm contributing to local abundance by making purchases as they contribute their produce and products to me by making it available. What could be better?
  • JC Walkup
  • 2341 days, 5 hours ago
The fresh flavors of produce can't be beat by big chain stores whose produce takes days to arrive from the growers. Neighbors and friends are growers I trust to provide honest answers to questions and healthy foods.
  • Anonymous
  • 2341 days, 6 hours ago
Fresh produce filled with life and light
  • Cheryl Scibetta
  • 2341 days, 7 hours ago
The vendors were great .They were very friendly and answered all my guestions. I bought many things from different vendor .Everything was fresh, tasted super and the market place was very clean. The market also had public restrooms.
  • Penny Morse
  • 2341 days, 9 hours ago
They lift my spirits by their friendly, neighbor-like attitude, plus they have a passion for the Earth and a great reverence for Mother Nature's bounty. The food goes from their farms to my table and I reap the benefits of their labor of love.