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Grand Ledge Michigan Farmers Market

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  • Mark Andree
  • 2320 days, 2 hours ago
I have never given up on the egg, how could I? They are as indispensable to good cooking as salt and pepper! Without eggs in the kitchen, puddings and flans would flounder. The glorious sauces like mayonnaise and hollandaise would vanish. Cakes and tortes would be pale imitations of themselves and the soufflé would cease to exist. You know, probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg, until it is broken. But just like the egg, we never know where the future is going to take us. We can only hope it’s a place we want to be. But even after we are broken and all of our innermost secrets are exposed, we decide ourselves whether we lie broken in pieces or be like the egg. Even after the egg is broken, it can become one of the world’s finest delicatessen delicacies! After the egg breaks and hits the frying pan, it never loses its dignity. Do you know why? The egg becomes something much better than when it fell. We can to, except as human beings, when we hit the frying pan, we tend to let pride get in the way. The egg on the other hand, puts itself in the creative hands of others to help it become what it never knew it could be. Whether we lie frying in the pan or become a delicatessen delicacy is up to us but we have to remember that we can’t always do it alone. (I rely on the farmers produce for my weeks worth of cooking) :)