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Corrales Growers' Market

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  • Anita Walsh
  • 2261 days, 23 hours ago
We have vendors who actually sell what they grow. It's not gathered from somewhere alse and no one is a distributer. It provides a venue for growers and encourages the use of land for growing and raising local agricultural products. Weekly music, food; a meeting place and a place to support sustainable agriculture.
  • Sayre Gerhart
  • 2261 days, 2 hours ago
  • Sarah Gonzales
  • 2253 days, 7 hours ago
The Corrales Growers' Market provides both a central location for local farmers to get their products to potential customers as well as provide the community with a great alternative to shopping at chain grocery stores. Fruits, vegetables, honey, bread, eggs and meat are some of the things you will find here. Customers are also directly supporting their local communities.
  • Anonymous
  • 2261 days, 3 hours ago
Because it truly represents community in my village, it is a place where people share what they create and connect with each other.
  • Rhea Alper
  • 2255 days, 4 hours ago
Fresh produce every week, (I particularly like the young folks who are involved) Debbie Skilling's pies & breads, all of the beautiful, and sometimes unique flowers & plants, Wagner's corn in July, seeing friends that you only see at the market, & last, but not least, Evelyn Losack.

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  • lauri rivera
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
the best market i have been to..very nice set-up with lots of friendly vendors
  • martha desmond
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
lots of fresh local choices.green chili season is here and here i am
  • rick richardson
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
lots of choices for everyone, nice community farmers market..real nice
  • chris delgado
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
a friendly place with lots to offer.music, breakfast, the freshest produce on the west side of the river
  • manuel reyes
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
wonderful place to bring family and do our shopping,
  • melissa redman
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
makes me feel at home.great people and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Anonymous
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
great place for all you fresh produce needs
  • jenny randall
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
this market is the place to be on sunday mornings, breakfast, music, and shopping for fresh greens
  • mari chacon
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
wonderful setting for the entire family, lots of fresh locally grown food
  • katie ramsey
  • 2171 days, 18 hours ago
its safe, its happy, lots of fresh produce