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Parker Farmer's Market

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  • Mike Seeger
  • 2303 days, 12 hours ago
The fresh, healthy produce is awesome, there are super friendly and helpful vendors, there is an assortment of booths of great local items to browse and purchase, there is an abundance of samples of great food and drink to choose from, the weather is incredible, there is fun family-friendly entertainment some weeks, and it is a great way to venture out into the community and bring the whole family on a Sunday. I look forward to it each year.

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  • Karen Champion
  • 2287 days, 12 hours ago
Palizzi Farms has wonderful local produce. There is also a great selection of fresh fruit and local honey at this market.
  • Bon Jolie DuPlas
  • 2287 days, 14 hours ago
Love the people and the products, which are top quality!
  • Chrissy Morin
  • 2290 days, 12 hours ago
The food is fresh and wonderful, always a great selection, things to see and do and the vendors are all so friendly and happy to be there.
  • Jessica Hough
  • 2296 days, 11 hours ago
I love parker farmer's market not only because it gives people oppertunities but the environment is clean and everyone is friendly. I go every sunday and it's just fun.
  • Katie Sanders
  • 2299 days, 6 hours ago
They have everything in one stop! Gorgeous produce, fresh bread, local wine, herbal medicines, local yarn and other crafts, organic fruit, and much more!
  • Anonymous
  • 2300 days, 9 hours ago
I love getting fresh, local produce and other items. It's a nice thing to do after church on Sundays :)
  • Anonymous
  • 2301 days, 15 hours ago
Locally grown food and lots of variety!
  • Anonymous
  • 2302 days, 31 minutes ago
Local is best! Great way to develope a community!
  • Lindsay Matthews
  • 2302 days, 1 hour ago
Great food and supporting the local economy
  • Kenneth Sikora
  • 2302 days, 2 hours ago
They have the freshest fruits and vegetables plus excellent homemade crafts! The sellers are the nicest, friendliest people as well.