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Goochland Farmers Market

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  • angela henley
  • 1992 days, 20 hours ago
they ROCK and I live nearby!
  • sally mullikin
  • 1995 days, 22 hours ago
The Goochland Farmers Market supports the regional farmers and everyone is so darn friendly there. Makes ya want to go back week after week plus they always have entertainment and shopping is fun.
  • Kit Davison
  • 1996 days, 5 hours ago
best place to get local -produce. Wonderful salad greens I can find no where else.
  • Jenny Stevens
  • 1958 days, 23 hours ago
It's my favorite market-- full of lovely local produce in great selections, and friendly locals. It's the best.
  • Amy Joyner
  • 1995 days, 2 hours ago
it is a happy, laid back atmosphere with incredible produce, baked goods, meats, eggs, cheeses, skin care products and unique, high quality handcrafts. the people are the real deal. they are down to earth, friendly, hard-working, salt of the earth folks who care for and help one another and their community. we are happily keeping small town America alive, one Saturday at a time.

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  • Beth Stuhlman
  • 1958 days, 19 hours ago
excellent produce, freshness, interesting variety and the people really love what they do
  • Anonymous
  • 1958 days, 19 hours ago
They have a wonderful selection of vendors with a wide variety - fresh eggs, vegetables, beef and bread. It is truly a Fresh Market! Additionally they have some lovely craft vendors as well. Wonderful when looking for a special gift.
  • Anonymous
  • 1958 days, 20 hours ago
Always has fresh tasty vegetables and other foods that are produced locally by our nearby Virginia farmers. It is such a wonderful community effort with good hard working Americans who should get a big "Thank You" for providing such homegrown and homemade foods!
  • Anonymous
  • 1958 days, 20 hours ago
Great variety, local products, community driven.
  • Anonymous
  • 1958 days, 20 hours ago
variety of produce, quantity, diverse local products
  • leslie buller
  • 1958 days, 21 hours ago
love the variety of things that they have
  • Joy Kline
  • 1958 days, 21 hours ago
I can walk to this market from my house. It carries a variety of local produce and products in a great setting. I wish it could be all year long! The wendors are quality driven and a great addition to our community.
  • 1958 days, 21 hours ago
It is convenient and offers a great selection of produce
  • Beth Witt
  • 1958 days, 21 hours ago
Lots of great choices!
  • Michele Holt
  • 1958 days, 21 hours ago
Good variety, local and fresh!