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Ringwood Farmers' Market

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  • Teri Powers
  • 2227 days, 10 hours ago
Shop & Eat local whenever possible. Our market has a wide variety of vendors and continues to grow. It is the place to be on a Saturday morning.
  • Diana Fair
  • 2227 days, 30 minutes ago
I love supporting local businesses, particularly local farms offering organic meat and produce. The food is far superior to any found in our markets and the act of connecting with old friends and making new ones first thing Saturday morning always starts my weekend on a great note. Although I grew up in Ringwood, I feel more connected to my community here than I have in years. Kudos to the folks who made our market happen!
  • Ken Steinberg
  • 2227 days, 9 hours ago
The selection of produce, prepared products and artisan items as well as the great community atmosphere and spirit.
  • Kristina LaViola
  • 2229 days, 7 hours ago

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  • Anonymous
  • 2141 days, 16 hours ago
Local is the best freshest food! Thanks for being local for our family. We need more like this in Ringwood.!!
  • Anonymous
  • 2145 days, 16 hours ago
Great variety of local produce and vendors. I especially like Moon Doggy Coffee Roasters. They roast their own beans so are always extremely fresh!
  • Marcia Sells
  • 2152 days, 16 hours ago
It is local food. Good food and nice to meet people from the community and feel part of a community
  • Tara Quintavella
  • 2160 days, 9 hours ago
I love, love, love, the pizza pies and the fresh produce....not to mention the prices!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
  • 2161 days, 9 hours ago
After my mother died in 1985,my sister moved to Ringwood,NJ and I stayed in NY. It was a great time going out to see her and she loved Ringwood. My sister took me all over to tag and garage sales and we always loved our veg. Growing up in the Bronx, we didn't have much money so instead of candy, we would eat raw onions,raw potatoes, raw celery and raw carrots. My sister unfortunately died @ age 50 in 2001 and I miss her so much.
  • Steve Michelin
  • 2165 days, 13 hours ago
In addition to VERY FRESH produce, the bakery has excellent pies ! There are often displays and/or information about community activities. All conveniently located next to our town library. [ Let's hope the politicals don't spoil the atmosphere by campaigning at the market come October - November. ]
  • Nancy Carver
  • 2177 days, 15 hours ago
They're a great asset to our community.
  • Anonymous
  • 2181 days, 11 hours ago
I enjoy supporting the local families/businesses. I also appreciate the freshness and quality of the products.
  • denise bautz
  • 2181 days, 13 hours ago
The Farmer's Market is wonderful - the produce is fresh and the bakery items are always delicious.
  • Ralph DaMario
  • 2181 days, 14 hours ago
It's a wonderful service that is provided to the community, by having fresh produce that is locally grown available for a reasonable cost to the pepole of Ringwood.