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  • Krissie Koll
  • 120 days, 13 hours ago
their selection of produce and other goods is diverse and excellant quality. It is shopper friendly. Lone Oak Farm produce is the best.
  • Sean McElroy
  • 127 days, 43 minutes ago
Love the fresh vegetables and the local food and breads.
  • Marcia Dossey
  • 129 days, 13 hours ago
local farmers providing local produce/products to LOCALS and their guests!!!!
  • Barb Nielsen
  • 136 days, 21 hours ago
The organic vegetables
  • Lorrie Drzewiecki
  • 143 days, 1 hour ago
Best produce and friendliest vendors!!!
  • laurie cwerenz
  • 143 days, 5 hours ago
Good variety, friendly people,available parking, I make the trip to the market almost every week
  • Nicole Griffith
  • 152 days, 23 hours ago
Love the organic selection, from Sue's carrots and garlic, to Nick's pasture-fed eggs!
  • Stacey Warren
  • 156 days, 36 minutes ago
The Freshness and quality. The Best!
  • Rebecca Rodskog
  • 156 days, 1 hour ago
Crystal Lake is the perfect place for something like this!
  • Ivan Ewert
  • 156 days, 1 hour ago
Great local farmers, great local food, and the best bakery in the area - Le Petit Marche.
  • Abigail Sedivec
  • 160 days, 2 hours ago
Love the flowers and fresh veges.
  • Mike Griffith
  • 160 days, 15 hours ago
In addition to fabulous organic vegetables, from tomatoes to garlic, Nick at the Crystal Lake market has the best eggs from pasture-fed hens that I have ever eaten.
  • Gail McDonald
  • 160 days, 20 hours ago
This is a great hometown event that supports our local businesses and farmers - a win-win for everyone!!
  • Diane Hagg
  • 160 days, 22 hours ago
Great vendors & great products!
  • Crysta Metcalf
  • 161 days, 19 hours ago
They're a fantastic group of farmers and I can also buy organic produce and organic meats!
  • Susie Mickle
  • 162 days, 2 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 162 days, 2 hours ago
searching for "local" ORGANIC's
  • Anonymous
  • 163 days, 21 hours ago
The best local to me for local grown fresh produce.
  • Anonymous
  • 163 days, 23 hours ago
I've gone to this market for years. The vendors are friendly and I enjoy cooking with wonderful, fresh food. I even freeze what I can to have a taste of summer in the middle of winter.
  • Margie Szymanskyj
  • 166 days, 4 hours ago
It's my home town market. I like to buy local and keep my money in my home town supporting my community. It's not the biggest farmer's market, but it's my farmer's market. Thanks.
  • Eileen Marhoefer
  • 166 days, 19 hours ago
I have been going for years. They have a wonderful assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, flowers and much more.
  • AJ Grossmann
  • 167 days, 23 hours ago
Great displays with a large variety. People are friendly not only in the booths but also those walking arround and shopping
  • Debbie Gallagher
  • 168 days, 22 hours ago
  • Beth Sebesta
  • 168 days, 22 hours ago
The produce is fresh and it feels good to support local folks.
  • Cyndy Neumann
  • 169 days, 17 minutes ago
The produce is so fresh!
  • Tamara Marshall
  • 169 days, 1 hour ago
  • Anonymous
  • 169 days, 1 hour ago
  • Anonymous
  • 172 days, 1 hour ago
it is very good
  • Karen Hutchings
  • 172 days, 2 hours ago
Nice people and good veggies
  • Gail McDonald
  • 172 days, 3 hours ago
There's not a better market in the area and I love to support our local businesses and our downtown district.
  • Anonymous
  • 172 days, 20 hours ago
Wonderful, nutritious, fresh produce! Beautiful flowers. Great ambiance. What more could you ask for in a Farmer's Market?!
  • n Kuchta
  • 172 days, 23 hours ago
Good for the community. Love to support local business.
  • John Breun
  • 173 days, 1 hour ago
Great people! Delicious array of organically grown products! Locally vendors!
  • Kathy Krysiak
  • 173 days, 1 hour ago
Crystal Lake Farmer's Market is one of the nicest markets I have ever been to. Their vegetables and other products are outstanding.
  • Lucy Lane
  • 173 days, 20 hours ago
We look forward to all of the fresh locally grown produce each week. We always had a big gardenof our own when our 3 sons were at home but now enjoy someone else's efforts!
  • Anonymous
  • 174 days, 2 hours ago
Always something new. Convenient to my home. Like the idea of the open markets. Good for the community!
  • Mary Batson
  • 174 days, 2 hours ago
It's simply the best Farmer's Market I've been to! The location is perfect! The people are wonderful and the produce and products are amazing. Most importantly it completes our downtown atmosphere!
  • Anonymous
  • 174 days, 18 hours ago
Great people, fresh food, local farmers!
  • Dana Schaumburg
  • 174 days, 21 hours ago
Downtown Farmers' Market are the best. They provide an important hub to the downtown area.
  • Fred Wickham
  • 175 days, 1 hour ago
Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! Healthy! Healthy! Healthy! It also brings people to the Downtown Crystal Lake shopping area, so it is a good marketing tool.
  • Terri Reece
  • 175 days, 2 hours ago
Love the fresh organic produce during the summer. Wish the season was longer!
  • Erica Wieronski
  • 175 days, 2 hours ago
Such a great variety! Very fresh produce!
  • Richard Harms
  • 175 days, 3 hours ago
The best in locally grown friuts, vegetables and herbs. You can't beat sweet corn picked in the morning for lunch or dinner. Very convenient in beautiful downtown Crystal Lake
  • Penelope Thompsen
  • 175 days, 4 hours ago
They have the best variety and friendliest vendors!
  • Valerie McDonough
  • 175 days, 4 hours ago
Not only is it the freshest produce in town, they also have the best meats available, all in the beautiful Depot Park!
  • Steven Yopp
  • 175 days, 16 hours ago
I had been getting my fresh fruits and vegetables at the Crystal Lake farmers market for over fifteen years. The setting in the park and the selection made it a must every Saturday morning. I have gone to other markets, but the quality of the produce in Crystal Lake is far superior. I have moved to Colorado, but have been unable to find a market as well stocked and flavorful as the one I remember in the Crystal Lake.
  • 175 days, 16 hours ago
I support all farmers markets!
  • Scott Viger
  • 175 days, 17 hours ago
It is simply the best place for fresh food, friendly people and it's in beautiful downtown Crystal Lake, what could be better!
  • Steve Crnkoich
  • 175 days, 17 hours ago
Great selection of fresh products in a quaint and comfortable atmoshpere with a 'Hometown Feeling'.
  • Lori Harms
  • 175 days, 18 hours ago
They have the best quality vendors with lots of selection from produce to organic meats. The setting is very nice in the park by the gazebo and accessibility and exposure is great.
  • 175 days, 19 hours ago
  • Lonnie Jackson
  • 175 days, 19 hours ago
They are a wonderful group of locals with great products - Keep up the good work !
  • Shannon Vrbancic
  • 175 days, 19 hours ago
Quality produce. Support local farmers.
  • Sharon Kulovsek
  • 175 days, 21 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 175 days, 22 hours ago
Great products exhibited in a perfect location. Seniors can come to the site on the Metra Railway System for free. For locals like me, it is good to shop there while shopping at other Downtown shops.
  • Donna B.
  • 175 days, 23 hours ago
I bought the best lavender perennials I have ever seen. The produce is very fresh, too.
  • Brian Coli
  • 175 days, 23 hours ago
The Crystal Lake Farmer's Market is great! The produce is fantastic, the people are friendly, and it's bringing new people into our downtown area.
  • Anonymous
  • 175 days, 23 hours ago
I am a downtown Crystal Lake merchant and the Farmers Market is the best.
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 21 minutes ago
There is wonderful produce and baked goods available at excellent prices, and it's a wonderful opportunity to explore all that the downtown shops offer at leisure.
  • Noreen Hoffmann
  • 176 days, 49 minutes ago
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 54 minutes ago
It's the best farmers market around! Great local produce and nice people. The whole downtown shopping area is great fun!
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 1 hour ago
It's a great downtown area to shop after the market and eat at the local restaurants.
  • Ryan Ludtke
  • 176 days, 1 hour ago
Not only is the food fabulous, but it allows us to support local businesses and farms here in Crystal Lake.
  • Sue Dobbe
  • 176 days, 2 hours ago
Amazing selection, fresh food, baked goods, smiling people, neighbors, friends, fun!
  • Mark O'Meara
  • 176 days, 2 hours ago
They have wonderful food grown by local farmers, which helps keep our dependence on foreign oil down(less shipping from other states/countries). I also like to support local businesses and farms.
  • Zak Dolezal
  • 176 days, 2 hours ago
  • Ken Nicholson
  • 176 days, 2 hours ago
It's a great market, but also it's a social event. It's great to get a cup of coffee and hang out with the people you see there.
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 2 hours ago
Great hometown feel. Nice to shop locally and know what you are getting.
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 3 hours ago
Friendly vendors, great offerings
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 3 hours ago
I believe in shopping local, and supporting local farmers
  • Tami Neeley
  • 176 days, 3 hours ago
I'm a local business owner.
  • Laurie Buchanan
  • 176 days, 3 hours ago
I am a business owner in historic downtown Crystal Lake - the farmer's market is so good that it draws people from all over the area, not just locals.
  • Diane Whittenhall
  • 176 days, 4 hours ago
  • Michelle Rentzsch
  • 176 days, 4 hours ago
Nice variety, excellent quality, fair prices and a great location.
  • Jim Reece
  • 176 days, 4 hours ago
It is the quintessential market that sits downtown at the base of Main Street just across from the train station. It has a nice variety of goods at very reasonable prices. I always go there when I am back in town!
  • Ed Bannon
  • 176 days, 7 hours ago
The variety is great, the items are fresh and everyone is also so friendly.
  • Dan Portincaso
  • 176 days, 12 hours ago
  • Josephine Garcia
  • 176 days, 15 hours ago
Fresh fruit is always much better and then store bought.
  • Sarah Schrempf
  • 176 days, 15 hours ago
It is a community based place to get great fresh food items and see a lot of friendly faces!
  • Randy Moon
  • 176 days, 18 hours ago
great selection, great produce, nice people.
  • michelle howell
  • 176 days, 19 hours ago
love the venue, love the vendors, everyone is always sooo nice!
  • Anonymous
  • 176 days, 21 hours ago
  • Julie Kieffer
  • 176 days, 22 hours ago
It's well organized & really highlights the talents of our local vendors.
  • Pam Myers
  • 176 days, 23 hours ago
Because Crystal Lake is a wonderful downtown with an amazing farmers market!
  • Anonymous
  • 177 days, 15 minutes ago
Farmers Markets are great!
  • Pam Gitta
  • 177 days, 2 hours ago
Because it's the awesomest Farmers Market in McHenry County!
  • Scott Rosenburgh
  • 177 days, 2 hours ago
Awesome home town experience!
  • dennis fagan
  • 177 days, 2 hours ago
because it it reminds me of the crystal lake that grew in.a small town with friendly people.
  • richard Kuranda
  • 177 days, 3 hours ago
really great atmosphere with lots of fun!!
  • Anonymous
  • 177 days, 3 hours ago
I visit every time I come home. It is well run and well stocked!
  • Anonymous
  • 177 days, 3 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 177 days, 19 hours ago
The products are excellent and the vendors are friendly. Can't beat that!
  • William Dwyer
  • 181 days, 4 hours ago
They have brought great Saturday activities to downtown Crystal Lake and the City has continued to come downtown to enjoy and purchase the many good things they offer
  • Lovell Williams
  • 181 days, 14 hours ago
Locally grow, good, healthy foods. Fun, can walk to the market and choose fresh food, shop down town, etc.
  • Jeanne Slater
  • 181 days, 15 hours ago
  • Regina Belt
  • 181 days, 17 hours ago
It's a local communal event that shares produce and spirit!!!
  • Christian Keck
  • 181 days, 21 hours ago
ITs Da bOmb!
  • Barbara Oehmke
  • 181 days, 21 hours ago
FOR YOUR HEALTH !! Buy Organic, Buy Local, Buy Fresh!!
  • chuck stevens
  • 181 days, 23 hours ago
great produce and community spirit.
  • Anonymous
  • 182 days, 10 minutes ago
Fresh, good and in town.
  • Mary Stewart
  • 182 days, 28 minutes ago
  • Anonymous
  • 182 days, 1 hour ago
This is a great event for our historical downtown area. The Farmers Market not only helps promote our home grown products, but it brings commerce and tourist into our town.
  • Laurie Bivona
  • 182 days, 1 hour ago
It is a great asset to the community! Great selection of products from local providers!
  • Kate Wilford
  • 182 days, 1 hour ago
It's creates a wonderful sense of community in our town!
  • Anonymous
  • 184 days, 16 hours ago
Every week I take my sweet boys, 3 and 1, and we pick out our fruit and veggies for the week. So far our favorite has been the fresh broccoli and sugar snap peas. Yum! I love that my little ones can pick out whatever they want to snack on and I can rest assured that they are eating healthy, locally grown, pestacide-free produce.
  • Rick St. Joseph
  • 185 days, 23 hours ago
  • Kathy St Joseph
  • 186 days, 6 hours ago
Crystal Lake Farmers Market has a good selection of products from local providers. I like the idea of buying produce that has not traveled half way around the world to get to my table.
  • Emily Aron
  • 187 days, 15 hours ago
Great location and has great variety!
  • Anonymous
  • 188 days, 2 minutes ago
Because it has a great location - it fits in with my usual marketing and is a great meeting place.
  • Marion Neiswander
  • 188 days, 1 hour ago
Locally grown or produced is good for all of us. Besides, they have interesting and unusual things as well as more common items.
  • Terri Smith
  • 188 days, 2 hours ago
I enjoy the variety and feel that buying locally grown is important!
  • Pam Miller
  • 188 days, 19 hours ago
Organically grown fruit and veggies and flowers/plants 3 times the size of those at Big Box stores or nurseries. Food and plants are healthy, the tax dollars benefit C.L. and small growers are encouraged to continue to participate as customers spread the word to others!
  • Gloria Cody
  • 188 days, 19 hours ago
It's Good
  • Anonymous
  • 188 days, 20 hours ago
It is close and has a good selection of items
  • Deb Brown
  • 188 days, 21 hours ago
I love buying locally grown produce.
  • Kathryn Maretns
  • 188 days, 22 hours ago
The food is fresh and local. A wide variety of choices are available. Vendors are friendly.
  • Emily Homins
  • 189 days, 15 minutes ago
  • Theresa Schroeder
  • 189 days, 1 hour ago
great choices
  • Catherine Becker
  • 189 days, 1 hour ago
Fresh fruit and vegetables at great prices and a friendly hometown atmosphere.
  • Lauren Rosenthal
  • 189 days, 2 hours ago
  • Angela Kerrigan
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
The location of our farmer's market celebrates the city of Crystal Lake and promotes public transportation as well as non-motorized travel. There is nothing better than hopping on my bike Saturday morning and making my way down to the CL Farmer's Market for fresh vegetables and flowers.
  • Debbie Hayes
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
My mantra is buy local and you can't get more local than your home town. Great selection and good for the environment!
  • Bonnie Jonelis
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
Because its a great way to get really fresh things and support the people who produce them-also fun and relaxing downtown!
  • Alice Hayes
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
It highlights the downtown area of Crystal Lake and patrons of the market are able to acquire good wholesome items from the vendors.
  • Anonymous
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
I advocate buying organic products locally. Helps the environment as well as being health conscious!
  • Anonymous
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
Selection and freshness
  • Melinda Aivaliotis
  • 189 days, 3 hours ago
  • Michele Snyder
  • 189 days, 16 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 189 days, 17 hours ago
I strongly believe in buying locally to support organic farming and efforts to reduce global warming.
  • Rita Parrish
  • 189 days, 23 hours ago
The atmosphere!
  • Dianne McCarter
  • 190 days, 3 hours ago
Great setting to shop for the freshest produce and other goodies, and to catch up with friends!
  • Sue Riegler
  • 190 days, 3 hours ago
Good prices, beautiful setting, friendly people!
  • Jeff Thorsen
  • 190 days, 3 hours ago
It is the best
  • pat spindler
  • 190 days, 4 hours ago
Fresh food, nice day out.
  • Michelle Rozovics
  • 190 days, 12 hours ago
It is so convenient and in such a great historic area of town!
  • Jan Polep
  • 190 days, 19 hours ago
We like to spend our "green" locally and what a great place to find food, flowers and see old friends!
  • Sandy Young
  • 191 days, 1 hour ago
Excellent source of fresh produce grown locally--and a chance to see friends and neighbors--our wonderful small town at its best!
  • Anonymous
  • 191 days, 2 hours ago
I love the variety of fresh produce
  • Ann Viger
  • 191 days, 4 hours ago
Great food, great setting, great people!
  • Debbie Cogdill
  • 191 days, 14 hours ago
Great selection of fresh produce, annuals and perenniels and artisan breads. The new gazebo and new landscaping is BEAUTIFUL!
  • Beth Wirth
  • 191 days, 15 hours ago
Love the freshness of the food.
  • Chris O'Connor
  • 191 days, 21 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 191 days, 22 hours ago
Fair prices, fresh produce, great variety, friendly sellers
  • Penny Ramirez
  • 191 days, 23 hours ago
Great stuff! Lots of fun!
  • Kathy Repholz
  • 191 days, 23 hours ago
We love downtown Cl and try to support everything that goes on there. LOVE the variety of choice!
  • Anonymous
  • 192 days, 37 minutes ago
I love the variety of fresh products, and great location.
  • Tami Kolbe
  • 192 days, 38 minutes ago
Everything there is always delicious and freash and the vendors are friendly.
  • Anonymous
  • 192 days, 1 hour ago
It has variety, is convenient
  • Ann Wells
  • 192 days, 2 hours ago
Easy to walk to and many choices not in the stores.
  • Kathy Bergan Schmidt
  • 192 days, 3 hours ago
The food is fresh, the location is convienient, and one can visit with old friends and make new friends.
  • Carl Stengele
  • 192 days, 3 hours ago
I enjoy the downtown atmosphere of Crystal Lake.
  • Linda Stengele
  • 192 days, 3 hours ago
Downtown Crystal Lake is a great place to shop, meet friends, and the variety of products offered at their Farmer's Market is excellent. It also has convenient parking.
  • Diana Kenney
  • 192 days, 4 hours ago
Lots of fresh choices.
  • Colleen Gleason
  • 199 days, 3 hours ago
The people are super friendly and I love all the different NATURALLY/ORGANICALLY PRODUCED produce!
  • Mary Perrin
  • 201 days, 13 minutes ago
It is the closest source of organic produce from our local farmers. Crystal Lake is a big town with many box stores and it is great to see the farmer's market display fresh flowers as well as fruits andd veggies. I like to walk outdoors and shop for a change. I go there to support our locals.
  • Erin Karlow
  • 202 days, 14 hours ago
  • lisa wessels
  • 205 days, 1 hour ago
  • Anonymous
  • 205 days, 2 hours ago
What a joy to walk through the little park area next to the trai station, filled with stands of fresh produce, meeting the people who put their love in growing the fruits and veggies. This is the real life! And the real food. I wish for this to continue and to grow! I just bought some strawberies yesterday and the taste was incredible. Like from my mom's or grandma's garden some years back:-). I am voting as a way to say thank you to the farmers for all their dedicated work, for facing the challenges not only of the weather but also the trend in how we produce food these days. They are holding the hope for us, that we can still have a good and fresh quality food to nourish our bodies. Their mission is so important. All of the farmers markets are important, this one is more important for me as it is right at my doorsteps. And I am filled with gratitude!
  • carole waddell
  • 205 days, 3 hours ago
everything is fresh and friendly
  • Arianne Albright
  • 206 days, 15 hours ago
There is a good selection of produce and the farmers are fantastic
  • Richard Buck
  • 206 days, 18 hours ago

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