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Evanston?s Farmers Market

top recruiters for Evanston?s Farmers Market

  • Julie Winsberg
  • 2352 days, 3 hours ago
Lots of organic! Great people!
  • Tony Bondi
  • 2326 days, 7 hours ago
It is a great market, with lots of great farmers and variety. And great prices! Turns almost into a little town square where our city can come and meet every Saturday morning to catch-up.
  • Alan Saleski
  • 2351 days, 9 minutes ago

most recent votes for Evanston?s Farmers Market

  • Bill Zerial
  • 2262 days, 20 hours ago
Its a great market with everything you want.
  • Anne Townley
  • 2264 days, 8 hours ago
Food, eventfulness, community
  • Sara Polonsky
  • 2266 days, 18 hours ago
It has a great combo of organic and regular fruits and vegetables along with meat, eggs and cheese. Also, there are always performers and sometimes crafts as well.
  • Cathy Brickell
  • 2303 days, 3 hours ago
So much variety! Fresh herbs, berries, and veggies!
  • katie hilton
  • 2303 days, 3 hours ago
I am the manager of a smaller farmer's market in south evanston. South Evanston is often ignored when big events happen, the community is important to bring together and this particular farmer's market has brought many together. And because it is on Wednesday nights, it allows for a different crowd of people to show. I love supporting it, and helping it strive, and because it is so small we need to support the farmer's even more.
  • Paula Bargiel
  • 2305 days, 1 hour ago
It's the best!
  • Joyce Morimoto
  • 2305 days, 3 hours ago
We go every Saturday to get the best vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, and flowers available around here. We love running into friends. It's one of the best things about summer!
  • Anonymous
  • 2305 days, 6 hours ago
it's fresh, bountiful, and has a diverse variety of produce and products
  • Alice George
  • 2305 days, 7 hours ago
amazing variety and quality--has become a true community event, with local nonprofits exhibiting, artists selling goods, etc.
  • Anonymous
  • 2311 days, 19 hours ago
It's all "farmers",nothing but food, flowers, plants. Lots of organics. Vendors are friendly and know about their products, food and goods sold are fresh and local.