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New Albany Farmers Market

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  • 2263 days, 12 hours ago
I have gotten to know our farmers and can always trust them to give me the best deal on the freshest fruits and vegetables. It makes a difference when you can see the scars and scrapes on their arms while they are selling you a bucket of blackberries! Our farm market also supports local artisans, musicians and even the local animal shelter! Last week was Hula Hoop day! I love our farm market!
  • Kelly Liebert
  • 2262 days, 15 hours ago
I heart N.A.
  • Susan Kaempfer
  • 2263 days, 3 hours ago
Great food, great music and a nice atmosphere.
  • Julie Morris
  • 2262 days, 16 hours ago
Great food, bread, veggies, homemade pickels and bread, maple syrup, homemade soap. All chemical-free good wholesome stuff and it's a great Saturday morning fun time.
  • Stefanie Griffith
  • 2262 days, 13 hours ago
They many have wonderful vendors, my kids even enjoy it so that says something. We normally will buy our bread, meat sticks and which ever veggies and fruits are in season. The New Albanys Market always has something fun going on either live music, kids day, pet day you never know what they will do next!

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  • Cheryl Baxter
  • 2262 days, 3 hours ago
To thank our farmers. They are the best!
  • emily byrd
  • 2262 days, 3 hours ago
It's awesome!
  • Lin Schussler-Williams
  • 2262 days, 3 hours ago
It's the best Farmer's Market in Metro Louisville! Great farmers and fresh offers combined with music, culture, family fun! It can't be beat! I drive from Clifton to experience it whenever I can!
  • Shannon Nava
  • 2262 days, 4 hours ago
Because it Rocks! and it is doing what community is supposed to do...provide great local resources.
  • Amanda Herbst
  • 2262 days, 4 hours ago
I love the fresh, local produce that is brought to the market each week. The NA Farmer's Market helps me cook healthy for my family all summer long. Once I learn how to can fruits and veggies we'll be eating healthier all year long. I also love the positive energy flowing through the crowd - vendors and shoppers alike.
  • Kathy Ayres
  • 2262 days, 4 hours ago
I love what our vendors have to offer - things you can't find anywhere else. Further, I want to support my local neighbors.
  • Autumn Grasty
  • 2262 days, 5 hours ago
It's a great place to get fresh food!
  • Anonymous
  • 2262 days, 5 hours ago
The selection of vendors is terrific! Love the location and convenient hours too!
  • Val Russell
  • 2262 days, 9 hours ago
It's the best
  • Ted Fulmore
  • 2262 days, 12 hours ago
It's the place to go every Sat and Wed. Great selection, music and a place to meet and hang out with friends.