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South Bend Farmers Market

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  • Deb Ray
  • 2345 days, 6 hours ago
In my family it's always been a tradition to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings to visit the market. Most of the vendors have been there for many years and the quality and quantity of foodstuffs is just downright amazing and is continually improving. From excellent home-made gelato to real Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano at the Italian Deli to the great English Cheddars and Harvarti on the north side of the Market to the free range Amish chickens and Indiana pork...you just can't beat the variety. But the most important part is the sense of community. Seeing all of my friends, neighbors and co-workers in a different environment than I normally see them and getting to know the regular vendors is the most important aspect of my weekly market visit. I love South Bend's Farmer's Market. Please visit when you come for a Football game!
  • Steve Sikorski
  • 2300 days, 3 hours ago
It is the best food around. Period.
  • Heather Novak
  • 2345 days, 1 hour ago
I have shopped here since I was a kiddo and here I am 37 years old and taking my own kiddo with me. It is one of my favorite places in town and we have started avoiding the grocery store to shop just at the market!
  • Bonny Hoover
  • 2348 days, 7 hours ago
It offers not only a variety of items to purchase but is also a great place to meet friends, to have breakfast or lunch, or to wander alone and get inspired and renewed for the coming week.

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  • Wendy Little
  • 2262 days, 4 hours ago
Healthy food, lovely flowers, and some terrific characters!
  • Sandra Miller
  • 2262 days, 4 hours ago
I have been "buying local" at the South Bend Farmers Market (Farmers' Market, Inc.) since I was a child (born in 1935). We take all our visitors there, too. A trip to South Bend is not complete without a trip to this GREAT, long established market, where vendors, who own their own stalls, become life long friends. I reminiscence with the sorghum and honey vendor about helping my grandfather make sorghum in my childhood in nearby Michigan and my own past experiences keeping bees. Everyone has gardening and canning advice. It's just like going to visit relatives who have a garden and share with you!
  • Myra Summerlot
  • 2262 days, 5 hours ago
Our Farmer's Market is open year round and provides a wide variety of local producers an outlet for their wares. It has been a staple in our area for decades and my Saturday morning is not complete without a trip to the market to obtain the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle.
  • sherry guyberson
  • 2262 days, 6 hours ago
  • Alan Atwood
  • 2300 days, 2 hours ago
I have been to the market a couple times when in the area!!
  • Steve Sikorski
  • 2300 days, 3 hours ago
It is the best food around. Period.
  • Dorothy Pedtke
  • 2301 days, 20 hours ago
Find fresh fruit and vegetables locally grown, meet friends who show up often. Numerous sellers have been there for years. The cafe has long, slow cooked oatmeal and great pies. Great starter plants for gardens, fresh cut flowers. Ethnic food, now even Vietnamese. I've both adopted and given away kittens at the market. It's a great asset to our city.
  • Anonymous
  • 2303 days, 3 hours ago
  • Sherrie Cummins
  • 2322 days, 17 hours ago
This market and its vendors are simply fantastic. The produce is always of great quality and certainly farm fresh. The diversity of bake goods, ethnic foods, dairy and products are something to see. Forget the mall - take me to the S.B. Farmers Market!
  • beth Brooks
  • 2330 days, 20 minutes ago
It's been here forever and it's a great market with a mix of Michigan and Indiana farmers selling their fresh produce and goods