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Lexington Farmers Market

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  • Jean Pitches
  • 2419 days, 2 hours ago
I have been to many, and I think it's the best in the state!!
  • Dan Sherman
  • 2410 days, 18 hours ago
Lexington Farmers Market is an awesome resource. Not only are they providing better food, but they help create a sense of community in a way that a lot of people wouldn't have expected. There's a real renaissance of local awareness happening here and our farmers market is a major hub for that.
  • Skip Eliot
  • 2410 days, 21 hours ago
It's GREAT! Wonderful location great food great people!
  • Diane Lawless
  • 2410 days, 22 hours ago
Lexington has a 30 year old market that has evolved into a wonderful opportunity for local farmers to sell fresh produce and products, a social gathering, and brought health and vibrance to our Downtown!
  • Anonymous
  • 2398 days, 6 hours ago
No better atmosphere or product! Love to spend Saturday mornings at the market.

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  • Anonymous
  • 2334 days, 16 hours ago
Fresh, healthy, good for the community, and a lot of fun. My grand-daughter loves picking out veggies
  • Anonymous
  • 2334 days, 19 hours ago
Not only is it beneficial for our local farmers, but it provides fresh vegetables for our community. Wish we had even more farmers markets.
  • Lynn Garrison-Buck
  • 2334 days, 21 hours ago
I'd rather buy fresh veggies grown from local farms than the produce shipped across country to the stores that has sat in boxes for who knows how long. Not only are the veggies fresher, most are pesticide free, and it supports a local farm/family.
  • Nancy James
  • 2334 days, 23 hours ago
Locally grown organic food is best for us and for the earth! The quality of our Farmer's Market produce is excellent and the venders are so very nice and helpful! They have a variety of times and locations that they are available to sell their goods which makes it convenient.
  • Kathy Rosewell
  • 2335 days, 2 hours ago
The Lexington Farmers Market combines great fresh produce with a fun atmosphere. It's definitely the place to be seen on Saturday mornings!!
  • Joseph David
  • 2335 days, 2 hours ago
It serves as an important connection with farmer and consumer
  • K.B. Browning
  • 2335 days, 4 hours ago
Love the fresh fruit, veggies, cheeses, breads, etc. And the people are the best!!
  • Anonymous
  • 2335 days, 6 hours ago
excellent vegetables and fruit
  • Shane Winstead
  • 2335 days, 21 hours ago
I love the location and I like to buy locally grown/made products.
  • Kit Andrews
  • 2336 days, 18 hours ago
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