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Bonsall Certified Farmer's Market and Open Air Fair

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  • Anonymous
  • 2230 days, 18 hours ago
We try to go every Sunday. All of the growers are local and the variety is great. I am trying to buy more organic and they have 3 organic growers there. Last week they had live music by a young women that was fantastic. My kids go the schools and I'm especially pleased that the net proceeds from the money I spend at the market go to support education. I just bought two big bags of items on Sunday and I am already out. Can't wait until Sunday!
  • Stephanie Robbins
  • 2229 days, 11 hours ago
Great and unique food for an even better cause.
  • Anonymous
  • 2229 days, 6 hours ago
I love getting to know the farmers and vendors. By shopping at the Bonsall Market, we eat healthier, help our schools, support local agriculture and businesses, and strenghten our community bonds. My kids love to go and have learned so much from the farmers. they are actually excited about trying new vegetables and fruit! can't be that!
  • Anonymous
  • 2229 days, 2 hours ago
I love to visit this market because it has top quality produce and friendly vendors. Small town charm, great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  • Anonymous
  • 2229 days, 15 hours ago
This market is Great!!. It has everything I need in one convenient location. the farmers are super nice and the best part is that the proceeds benefit local schools.

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  • Anonymous
  • 2181 days, 16 hours ago
It helps support our kids and fosters a great since of community!
  • Anonymous
  • 2186 days, 15 hours ago
Our farmers market is located at our elementary school and it benefits our kids!! It features only local organic produce and foods!
  • nichole fletcher
  • 2196 days, 19 hours ago
Great way to support your local community as well as our schools in these difficult times.
  • Estelle Quinlan
  • 2200 days, 17 hours ago
We LOVE the Bonsall Certified Farmer's Market and Open Air Fair because it brings together vendors who care about helping the Bonsall Education Foundation raise funds to ensure a superior education for all children in the Bonsall schools. This Market is a gathering place for the community and provides a pro-active avenue for parents, grandparents, school district personnel and community members to make a difference in children's lives.
  • Anonymous
  • 2202 days, 12 hours ago
It's a great thing!
  • Anonymous
  • 2213 days, 18 hours ago
I buy all my fruit from the Market, no more grocery store fruit... What a wonderful group of dedicated parents. My hats off to you all. I wish you were more centerally located, like River Village.
  • Anonymous
  • 2215 days, 17 hours ago
They support the local schools and youth of the community.Everyone involved works very hard to make it worthwhile.
  • Anonymous
  • 2216 days, 14 hours ago
Great farmers! Great Vendors! Great cause. Shopping at this market supports our schools and the local community. My family never misses a Sunday!
  • Jennifer Smith
  • 2217 days, 19 hours ago
This has been such a blessing to the community and our schools. The farmer's are a wonderful group of people, that have such wonderful foods to choose from weekly!
  • David Perko
  • 2218 days, 20 hours ago
It is a great way to get the community together and it supports the local growers directly. Also, all proceeds raised from the market by the Bonsall Education Foundation go directly to the schools and benefits our kids.