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Campbell County Farmers Market

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  • bob lauer
  • 2420 days, 21 hours ago
it promotes more local interests and business

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  • Amanda Alley
  • 2398 days, 19 hours ago
They are hard working, kind people who do a great job growing vegetables for the market and also giving me advice about my own garden. I love shopping at the Campbell County Farmer's Market!
  • Margie Lauer
  • 2420 days, 17 hours ago
I enjoy preparing, serving and eating fresh picked locally grown produce. I know it wasn't bred to travel a long distance, yet look good. I feel the seeds are choosen to procuck dilicious flavorable fruits and vegtables. I feel it is inportant to support our local economy by dealing with our local farmers, keeping the money I spend in the community. I value the friendships I have developed with many of the farmers. I feel comfortable dealing with them.
  • bob lauer
  • 2420 days, 21 hours ago
it promotes more local interests and business
  • Robert Wilcox
  • 2421 days, 21 hours ago
Local farmers who are more than just farmers, but neighbors. These people are dedicated to providing local produce to the area and in many cases have become close friends to their neighbors. They have also shown the value of slow food even without necessarily being members of that movement. A conservative region, Campbell County is experiencing a slow change, and while most of the farmers are not yet certified organic, it is clear that the younger generation is much more attuned to the need of not only local, but sustainable food production. They deserve all the support we can give them on that journey.
  • Rose Dietrich
  • 2423 days, 12 hours ago
Locally grown produce sold by friends and neighbors.
  • Marsha Dufeck
  • 2423 days, 20 hours ago
The farmers are all very hard workers; their produce is wonderful. The farmers are very friendly and even more appreciative. And last, but not least, it is convenient-it is in my parking lot!
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