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Boyertown Farmers Market

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  • Sharon Lee
  • 2257 days, 23 hours ago
Always something wonderful happening at the market. Lots of great vendors--everything I need to stay healthy!
  • Linda Steffy
  • 2264 days, 22 hours ago
Big variety of items, everything is very fresh, lots of info. to be had at many stands, friendly atmosphere - music, etc., & it is growing every week!

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  • Lesle Harwood
  • 2183 days, 20 hours ago
Local and sustainable businesses - they are our future!
  • Anonymous
  • 2192 days, 31 minutes ago
We like to support our local businesses and our farmers. The market provides healthy alternatives to food produced for the mass market. You are able to talk directly to the growers and know how the food you are eating is grown or raised and when it was harvested. It's a wonderful service for our community.
  • Darlene Heere
  • 2194 days, 17 hours ago
Because they are local, have the finest produce and other goodies available. Also cater to craftsmen from the area. And, it's a great location!
  • Anonymous
  • 2205 days, 11 hours ago
the vendors are our neighbors and friends. we're buying local and especially love the organic offerings
  • GiGi Malinchak
  • 2206 days, 42 minutes ago
Excellent product selection and quality! Friendly too :-)
  • Brian Miller
  • 2219 days, 22 hours ago
They showcase LOCAL farmers and producers
  • Kim Day
  • 2219 days, 23 hours ago
  • Suzie Frain
  • 2223 days, 10 hours ago
It's a great idea to help the people who don't drive and the farmers. It's right here.I can pick up fresh fruits and veg. without going far.The selection is good.
  • Kim Albano
  • 2226 days, 12 hours ago
local food and farms
  • Anonymous
  • 2232 days, 22 hours ago
Real people dedicated to not only selling healthy foods but educating young and old alike. If people don/t understand the effects and know the benefits we can not get them to change their unhealthy ways. Lots of personal time commitments by neighbors and friends!!