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Village Craft Country Peddlers & Market

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  • Susan Spidle
  • 1960 days, 14 hours ago
Personal, not too big not to small, not so many people that they are pushing you over.
  • Stefanie Dye
  • 1957 days, 2 hours ago
They are great, they have a great variety of products and it is like 50 stores with in a store, plus food
  • Anonymous
  • 1962 days, 12 hours ago
Something for everyone. There is so much to see here. Lots of handmade crafts. Lots of yummy goodies. Lots of friendly people. A great place to visit!

most recent votes for Village Craft Country Peddlers & Market

  • Jeremy DeJesus
  • 1932 days, 27 minutes ago
good market good location good people great variety of product and the only place in the carlisle area that I can get an Ecoquest air purifier
  • caren otis
  • 1933 days, 10 hours ago
great attitude, consistent personalized service
  • Betty Reese
  • 1936 days, 2 hours ago
Not only do I work there but I also enjoy the people, both customers and other stand owners. We are like family. Together we started a new market that had been in existence elswhere for over 50 years.
  • Anonymous
  • 1939 days, 5 hours ago
great place to find local food and dessert.
  • Robert Speck
  • 1941 days, 8 hours ago
I have a shop there and everyone there is so nice and generous to me!
  • Anonymous
  • 1945 days, 23 hours ago
It's right outside of town where there is open fields and lots of parking. The atmosphere is wonderful and there is a variety of vendors from getting your early morning cup of coffee to pastries to breakfast or lunch while you are shopping for fresh produce, etc.
  • Alyce Minahan
  • 1948 days, 12 hours ago
Very clean nice place. Everytime I go in I come out with goodies. Very helpful and a good central location.
  • Linda Arnold
  • 1954 days, 15 hours ago
Good size facility to browse and buy many items from fresh produce to articles hard to find in other larger stores. Keeps small businesses active.
  • William Arnold
  • 1956 days, 40 minutes ago
I like the friendly people and the relaxed atmosphere to look around and buy only what you are looking for.
  • janet davis
  • 1957 days, 10 minutes ago
i like the variety