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Baltimore Farmers Market

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  • Barb Katzenapple
  • 2425 days, 5 hours ago
it's just great
  • Anonymous
  • 2426 days, 22 hours ago
It brings the best of the country into the inner city

most recent votes for Baltimore Farmers Market

  • John Powell
  • 2339 days, 10 hours ago
Local, fresh and you get to support farmers.
  • Alyson Schuster
  • 2369 days, 7 hours ago
I love the market under I-83 for the great produce and other items you can get (eggs, milk, meat). It is a diverse crowd and I always run into friends and friedly people.
  • Derek Neal
  • 2378 days, 6 hours ago
Great local, easily accessable vendors with a wonderful mix of local, freshly grown and prepared foods. This is a gem that should mined by more of the underserved residents of the city. What a fantastic tool to learn about the abundance, bounty and variety of local, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Jamie Metzler
  • 2379 days, 1 hour ago
Great selection, friendly and helpful service, wonderful prepared food
  • Robin Bauernfeind
  • 2379 days, 7 hours ago
been going there for at least 20 years! I've watched them grow from just a couple of stands to a huge event on Sunday mornings!
  • Emily Clemens
  • 2379 days, 9 hours ago
I love the baltimore farmers market! Most homes in baltimore dont have adequate space for a very large garden making the market a fantastic place to stock up on the fresh fruits and veggies we are unable to grow at home. The vendors sell delicious food to fuel up on before I bike back to my home 10 miles away. Its a great way to get excercise and buy healthy products to improve anyones lifestyle. I especially love the creamery where I buy my milk in big glass jars. I like the feeling of getting my milk the old fashioned way - and recycling the jars is great for the planet!
  • Cara Schaefer
  • 2380 days, 9 hours ago
It is a great opportunity to support local farmers, plus I love the prepared food and the place has great energy!
  • Barbara Wise
  • 2380 days, 11 hours ago
During the summer I prefer getting all of my fruits and veggies from the local farmers mainly because it's going to our farmers and not somewhere else. It's also fresher and has a much better taste than what you get at the grocery stores.
  • Wendy Burkins
  • 2380 days, 11 hours ago
the food is so much better quality than grocery store and you actually get to see the people who grew it and ask questions before you buy. It's a very pleasant experience vs. dealing with the grocery store.
  • Melissa Harriman
  • 2388 days, 5 hours ago
Farming is hard work. Alot of work and dedication. what's better than supporting your local farmer's market? Maryland tomato's are the best tasting in the country. Home grown sweet corn, cantalope's watermelons peaches, plums, yummy. Makes those hot summer days all the sweeter.
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