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Findlay Farmers Market

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  • King Slice
  • 1892 days, 17 hours ago
The tri-states produce ,and the Kroger & Sons meat are always above the quality you can receive from any other food supplier
  • Michael Daniels
  • 1898 days, 5 minutes ago
I know longer live in Cincinnati. I didn't know what I had in my backyard until I couldn't get to it any longer.
  • Emma Nager
  • 1912 days, 19 hours ago
  • Judy Long
  • 1918 days, 16 hours ago
Ohio has some of the best produce around. We are in the farm belt, so conditions are great for most crops, especially sweet corn! I love the Farmers Market and go almost every week. So much to choose from and the vendors are very nice to deal with.
  • Anonymous
  • 1950 days, 15 hours ago
Fresh fruits and veggies . . . fun to look and shop. support of local farmers.

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  • Chris Hill
  • 1872 days, 10 hours ago
fresh produce, meat, flower, goodies, eclectic atmosphere, historical architecture and location, a great way to support the city!
  • Adam Bosken
  • 1881 days, 12 hours ago
Oldest continuing market in the state of Ohio, extremely diverse with every type of human being congregating in a single space. Great prices and selection and the best part ... it's in the city's core!
  • Rene Bricking
  • 1884 days, 18 hours ago
Findlay Msrket feels like a mini vacation from the ordinary! I love all the shops and vendors and just wandering through the area. Around every corner is something new to be tried or a table to sit and watch the "marketers" go by. It is an honor to help support those who work so hard to provide such wonderful pleasures for the rest of us! Go Findlay!
  • jeffery janisse
  • 1885 days, 34 minutes ago
It has the best quality produce and meats around, along with a fantastic atmosphere
  • Linda Johnson
  • 1889 days, 10 minutes ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1890 days, 20 hours ago
Outstanding vendors, creative programming - a community gathering place and gem of the city!
  • Creola Robinson
  • 1891 days, 19 minutes ago
  • Joe Bare
  • 1891 days, 14 hours ago
I worked there for 25+ years. A real plus for Cincinnati!!
  • Dea jones
  • 1891 days, 19 hours ago
Important to support local farmers. Great food and lots of fun!
  • Angela Bailey
  • 1891 days, 21 hours ago
They are Ohio's Oldest Public Market.