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Columbus Farmer's Market

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  • Heather Davis
  • 2262 days, 15 hours ago
It's one of the best we have ever been too (we have been to many as we moved here a year ago from Knoxville, TN and lived in SC before that). Many, many organic or non-pesticide sprayed veggies and fruits. Several free-range meat farmers and also many flower, organic herb and other vendors. The 'honey man' brings his bees for everyone to see them in action, very cool. The atmosphere is energizing, so many people of the Columbus community gather together here every Sat and it's just such a positive environment. It's actually very large for the smaller-sized Columbus community, most people have no idea how nice it actually is and are very surprised once they arrive. It's hosted in a very nice, tree-shaded parking lot (thanks Irwin Union Bank!!) with medics on bikes 'just in case' someone has a health problem. Many people bike, it's just a wonderful event and I wish it was held more like 8-2 instead of 9-12. This farmers market deserves to win to help promote it and help all the local farmers who supply the foods for it, we are in a HUGE agricultural area and so many of these local farmers are switching to organic, it's great!
  • Donna Smith
  • 2351 days, 7 hours ago
Great fruit/veggie's & misc. at a convenient location

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  • Kevina Schumaker
  • 2261 days, 9 hours ago
Everything is made or grown by the ones selling it. There are many family owned farms & businesses involved in the market. It is a fantastic oppurtunity to listen to extremly diverse entertainment, visit with old friends and meet people that are a part of our own community that you have never met before. THIS is why we think our MARKET is the best.
  • Terri Pifer
  • 2262 days, 4 hours ago
People are friendly and the produce is fresh and delicious
  • Jan Banister
  • 2262 days, 5 hours ago
It has the very best produce and home baked foods, great entertainment, and it is rapidly becoming the top social event of the week.
  • Lindy Kirk
  • 2262 days, 8 hours ago
I love the quality of the produce & products. Fun that we have a wide variety of items....anything from wine to jewelry in additional to the awesome fresh produce and flowers.
  • Amanda Baldwin
  • 2262 days, 8 hours ago
  • Sandy Nocton
  • 2262 days, 11 hours ago
We have been to may farmers markets over the years and this one is so clean. The produce is PERFECT.
  • Melissa Wilson
  • 2262 days, 13 hours ago
We love to go down to the market every Saturday! We buy baked goods and listen to great music. We also buy all of our fresh veggies and fruit from the local farms in the area!
  • Anonymous
  • 2262 days, 14 hours ago
great people, fun event
  • Brenda Vogel
  • 2262 days, 15 hours ago
The Columbus Farmer's Market is fabulous! It offers a nice variety of products in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. It's a true community gathering place with a focus on supporting local residents. I only wish these beautiful fresh products were available year round.
  • Shannon Horak
  • 2262 days, 15 hours ago