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Tuscarawas Valley Family Farm Market

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  • Kyle Valentini
  • 2418 days, 8 hours ago
The Tuscarawas Valley Family Farm Market promotes local food that is fresher and better for you than supermarket food. It strengthens the local economy by keeping dollars in our community. The market accepts food stamps and is accesible to families of all income levels.
  • JoEllen Sanders
  • 2337 days, 8 hours ago
It is WONDERFUL! Local farmers with great products!
  • kenny cook
  • 2406 days, 21 hours ago

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  • Cindy Walker
  • 2337 days, 7 hours ago
A real plus for me is the evening hours, I like being able to stop on my way home from work.
  • JoEllen Sanders
  • 2337 days, 8 hours ago
It is WONDERFUL! Local farmers with great products!
  • Robyn Martins
  • 2381 days, 10 hours ago
I support my local market because it provides a much-needed alternative to our few super markets and because it allows us all convenient access to locally-grown fresh produce and creative products—the fresh bread is amazing, and the local honey can't be beat.
  • Ronda Petrullo
  • 2387 days, 9 hours ago
The local people bring in food of all kinds, including gorgeous vegetables, baked goods, eggs and meats that have been raised in a responsible way. I enjoy talking to the producers and hearing them proudly promote the fact that harmful chemicals have not been used for their products. The fruits are ripe and delicious and I have found a source for the best hamburgers I have ever had. Economically, it feels good to support our area because jobs are more scarce than ever and we can help by supporting our neighbors at the Farmer's Market. But the main reason I love the Farmer's Market is that I'm confident the food is safer and better for the environment than food shipped from far away.
  • Anonymous
  • 2401 days, 2 hours ago
I really hope to see this turn out to be a huge event in the next year or so..we need to get the word out and support the people that are coming there now. These are the types of things I like to go to to buy fresh veggies and fruit that I cannot grow myself but always have to drive out of the county to enjoy. It is nice to finally have something so close.
  • korinne mills
  • 2406 days, 7 hours ago
i support because i think we all need to stand behind our local farmers and vendors
  • Linda Schiele
  • 2406 days, 9 hours ago
  • kenny cook
  • 2406 days, 21 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2407 days, 9 hours ago
It's a great place to get inexpensive, fresh, locally grown food that I feel good about eating.
  • Matt Dessecker
  • 2407 days, 22 hours ago
Even though I haven't had a chance to stop by yet due to my work schedule, this is why I'll be supporting the Tuscarawas Valley Family Farm Market whenever I can. Because our community is still a small one to me. And I'd like to remember things like I did as a kid when we all sold produce at our little sidewalk tables and looked for empty bottles hoping to scrape enough money together to be able to buy a bottle of pop and a couple packs of baseball cards.
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