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Nuui Cunni Farmers' Market

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  • David Dills
  • 2232 days, 4 hours ago
Great organic veggies from Fay Organics, and the rock guy is awesome!
  • Deborah Hahn
  • 2232 days, 4 hours ago
Great place and wonderful people. Love all the fresh fruits and veggies. Always see someone I know to say HI to.

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  • Susie Munoz
  • 2222 days, 3 hours ago
Lots of friendly helpful people, fresh fruits and vegetables, local music and art. It's on a reservation, so you have natural history surrounding you. And it's all topped off with the breathtaking views of the Kern River Valley! It's well worth the drive from Bakersfield where our Farmer's Markets are nice...but with cars whizzing by and the blacktop parking lots, it's simply not comparable.
  • Emily Fryer
  • 2222 days, 5 hours ago
Our Farmers' Market is fun to visit every Saturday!! My Mom is the Market Manager!
  • Ellen Schafhauser
  • 2224 days, 12 hours ago
The Nuui Cunnii Farmers Market helps support our business selling organic produce. Where else can locals as well as visitors alike benefit from what the market provides in locally grown produce and crafts created by KRV residence. Even the Forest Service has been receiving compliments for it's participation in creating a space for the market. There are many KRV residence who never knew that Nuui Cunni cultural center existed until the farmers market brought them to it. This has been a gem of an idea (gems are even sold here) that has come to our valley thanks to Anna Leon who made it happen. Our Farmers Market provides vital economic support to locals as well as healthy choices in produce. I have made terrific meals from the best recipes that our customers related to me while talking over the box of beets or inhaling the sent of a sweet organic tomato. It brings back community conversation that only a farmers market brings out in people. I have traveled around the world and it is the farmers market that is the place I gravitate to if I really want to get a taste of the local community.
  • Sharon Bonorden
  • 2229 days, 19 hours ago
My grandparents made a living selling garden fresh fruits and veggies as well as meat they had raised themselves just a couiple of miles away from Nuuni Cunni (in Keysville). This feels like a family tradition because of that. Not to mention that it functions as a gathering place for the valley, something that has been sorely missed since the modernization of the post offices. On top of that, check out the number of kids at the market helping sell, set up, tear down, etc! It's called rebuilding our community and the frosting on the cake is we all get to eat better as well.
  • Anonymous
  • 2230 days, 4 hours ago
Healthy food and living makes for a healthy community supporting each others wellbeing, from the grower, to the vendor, to the customer, to all who support this circle of local commerce and entrepreneurship in difficult times. Thanks to all for making this possible.
  • Ron Gillentine
  • 2230 days, 7 hours ago
Love them fresh organic veggies!
  • Ann Beman
  • 2230 days, 8 hours ago
We love to support local farmers and the Nuui Cunni Indian Cultural Center, too.
  • Anonymous
  • 2230 days, 12 hours ago
Ilove the fresh food and great folk!! I love the fact we are a tiny community and fledgling babies at this and working hard together to make it work.
  • Gary & Susan Fisher
  • 2230 days, 14 hours ago
Great fruits & veggies, soaps & herb balms, crafts, and fun people to meet & greet.
  • Linda Potts
  • 2230 days, 15 hours ago