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the Serenbe Farmers & Artists Market

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  • Steve Nygren
  • 1778 days, 18 hours ago
Serenbe has brought fresh food options to an area South west of Atlanta and the farmers are inspiring other young people to begin farming and offering more and more options to life style and good, healthy eating.
  • Thomas Reed
  • 1848 days, 15 hours ago
Paige and the crew at Serenbe Farms are fantastic!!
  • Rebecca Williams
  • 1779 days, 9 hours ago
Plainly, because farmer Paige is a rock-star! It's vibrant, all the stands look abundant and beautiful. . . it is _the_community event of each week.
  • Melissa Bukovinac
  • 1849 days, 1 hour ago
You can feel the love of the land and the food!

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  • Anonymous
  • 1766 days, 8 hours ago
  • Cindy Ferguson
  • 1772 days, 6 hours ago
very informative on the different kinds of produce available. different kinds of fun activities for all ages.
  • Connie Ward
  • 1772 days, 11 hours ago
  • Patricia Kerlin
  • 1772 days, 12 hours ago
Paige is an amazing farmer and the market is wonderfully fun. I learn some new piece of information every time I go.
  • Phyllis Bleiweis
  • 1772 days, 13 hours ago
The farm products are first class in taste and looks and the atmosphere is alive with kids and dogs. I wouldn't miss stocking up on fresh veggies and fruit and schmoozing with my neighbors and friends. Phyllis Bleiweis
  • Donna Carson
  • 1772 days, 16 hours ago
It is a fabulous market with gorgeous produce and unique crafts.
  • Tara Muenz
  • 1772 days, 16 hours ago
  • Paige Witherington
  • 1772 days, 17 hours ago
It's a great market. Fantastic atmosphere, gorgeous produce, friendly people, and neat crafts.
  • Lisa Pope
  • 1774 days, 3 hours ago
Great selection
  • Eugenia Brewer
  • 1774 days, 5 hours ago
The Serenbe Farmers & Artists Market is the best in the Atlanta metro area