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City of Hudson Farmers Market

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  • A Brown
  • 2003 days, 8 hours ago
Hudson has grown from a very small market to a market with a great variety over the last 14 years! Everything from Veggies, fruits, and baked goods to milk, cheese, meat, and wine!
  • Phyllis Brabender
  • 2002 days, 8 hours ago
Something for everyone, a nice mix of variety from the fresh produce through the meat and wine. Nice way to show support for local goods.

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  • julie foutch
  • 1958 days, 23 hours ago
They have good produce and it's grown here,as i support those who grow here.We need to support our own community of growers.
  • Karen Mort
  • 1988 days, 11 hours ago
  • Christine Jones
  • 1991 days, 9 hours ago
This 400 year old Hudson destination has a, now booming, mix of farmers, flowerers, beekeepers,prepared food wizards, cactus cultavators and cheese mongers making this Saturday morning event a must be-in. Rain or shine, the devotees wouldn't miss it.
  • Heather Gibbons
  • 1992 days, 5 hours ago
fresh, local produce in the heart of the city
  • Dawn DuBois
  • 1994 days, 20 hours ago
Because it is one of the best markets around and local food and produce is the way to go. It is the best.
  • Anonymous
  • 1997 days, 5 hours ago
We can get everything we need at the market...great variety. Picked fresh...can't ask for better than that. Friendly farmers, accessible location. Number of vendors expands every year.
  • Bonnie Torchia
  • 1999 days, 10 minutes ago
  • Colleen Parker
  • 1999 days, 10 hours ago
The opportunity to buy local food *in town*, the ordinary (lettuce, beets) and gourmet (shitake/oyster mushrooms, hand-made cheese) food products, the email alerts - I try to go every weekend!
  • Christine Bushey
  • 2002 days, 3 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2002 days, 7 hours ago
Fresh, local, healthy variety