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Aptos Farmers Market at Cabrillo College, MBCFM

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  • Suzanne Mc Lean
  • 2233 days, 21 hours ago
All around fabulous: great fruits & veggies, fresh flowers, plants and starts; fresh fish, organic meats; food, bakery & spice stalls and wonderful coffee from people who go to Central America to deal direct with the growers: fun, knowledgeable vendors, the world-renown Farmer's Market String Band, wonderful artisans and lots of the people you know from all over the county!
  • ed shelley
  • 2226 days, 23 hours ago
  • David Richardson
  • 2186 days, 7 hours ago
It is large with a terrific selection of fresh local fruits and vegetables. Plus there is always live music. What more could you ask for?
  • Kathryn Gorges
  • 2175 days, 2 minutes ago
Great music, yummy treats, and beautiful produce raised within 20 miles in the amazing fields of Santa Cruz County.
  • Mary Magee
  • 2221 days, 7 hours ago
I support Aptos Farmers Market because everyone is friendly, the produce and products are always delicious and the farmers live in my neighborhood!

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  • Allison Clark
  • 2150 days, 19 hours ago
  • gwen marcum
  • 2150 days, 20 hours ago
I love the vendors and the extensive selection.
  • Anonymous
  • 2150 days, 20 hours ago
Awesome selection, best produce, very clean, well maintained, interesting vendors and good selection of instructions from local cooks & chefs.
  • Anonymous
  • 2150 days, 20 hours ago
Year round: sun, rain, or coastal fog. Best berries, greens, winter & summer produce, plus eggs, grass fed beef & pork, pasta and a wacky accordionist to astonish & entertain. These farmers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Three cheers for Aptos Farmers Market.
  • Anonymous
  • 2150 days, 23 hours ago
Because I care about my food and my community.
  • Anonymous
  • 2151 days, 2 hours ago
local, fresh, organic, delicious!
  • Jean Anderson
  • 2151 days, 2 hours ago
Excellent Farmer's market - well run and organized with innovative attractions and top notch fruits, vegetables, snacks, flowers, plants, and the entertaining Farmers market band!
  • Anonymous
  • 2151 days, 3 hours ago
The "Cabrillo" market has the best produce, friendliest vendors and best selection of all 12 markets in the Monterey Bay area!
  • Anonymous
  • 2151 days, 3 hours ago
great market with great customers year-round
  • Patricia Major
  • 2151 days, 4 hours ago
It's a culinary fantasy come true! Fresh, delicious food, great breakfast treats and fabulous, organic coffee. Especially fun with the old-timey music playing (but not BLASTING), and lots of people having fun.