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Monterey Farmers Market at Monterey Peninsula College, MBCFM

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  • Kera Abraham
  • 2354 days, 14 hours ago
Friendly local vendors with great stories to tell, conversations in Spanish and English, lots of organic produce, cage-free local meats, sustainable seafood, sprouts, flowers and plant starts. Plus parking is right next to the compact market, so it's easy to get in, get your goods and get out.

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  • Anonymous
  • 2267 days, 10 hours ago
because i love good food.
  • Richard Kuntze
  • 2267 days, 23 hours ago
Great food, no arts and crafts junk
  • Anonymous
  • 2295 days, 6 hours ago
It's a great way to directly support the local agriculture business in the region. Besides, this is the freshest food you'll find short of picking it yourself! I love supporting the local vendors who handcraft their own products, too (i.e., soaps, herbs, etc.). You know exactly what you're getting and where it came from.
  • Kiana Siino
  • 2308 days, 3 hours ago
This market has been supplying the community with fresh local produce for a long time. When I was a little girl I would look forward to going there with my mother to help pick out the weeks fruit and vegetables (not to mention trying all the samples and getting a honey stick at the end).
  • cynthia fels
  • 2315 days, 17 hours ago
What a great market. They have been there for years before all the markets became so popular. Great organics, great plants, and farmers. The Cokes a long standing model of organic farming are a favorite of everyone. Get there early or all their stuff is gone!
  • tamaa berg
  • 2315 days, 18 hours ago
It's a great way to gather healthy local produce and support the local economy at the same time!
  • Anonymous
  • 2323 days, 2 minutes ago
This market has been around for years--always has great fresh produce and flowers.
  • Anonymous
  • 2341 days, 8 hours ago
Great location, fresh & delicious food--what more could a farmer's market be about!
  • Anonymous
  • 2343 days, 8 hours ago
my neighbor...fun,friendly and fresh
  • Anonymous
  • 2345 days, 19 hours ago
This farmer's market is all about food! No crafters, thank you. Buying local and fresh is the only way to go.