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Nevada City Farmers Market

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  • Catherine Scholz
  • 1969 days, 1 hour ago
The market builds community - people actually interact with each other as opposed to just sitting on Facebook all day... :) and we can buy produce from the hard-working folks in our area who grow it in our strange little climate that we love.
  • Charlotte Bolinger
  • 2010 days, 21 hours ago
It is local, friendly, and features local, organic farmers along with a large variety of baked goods, homemade soaps and cosmetics, freshly brewed coffee, information, etc. Local musicians provide background music, and I meet lots of people I know. All in all it is a FUN resource for good food.
  • eleanore macdonald
  • 1968 days, 23 hours ago
local food, local goodness, local vibe, local music, local friends... incredible, longstanding community...
  • Anonymous
  • 1968 days, 23 hours ago
It brings liveliness and great food, music and people to downtown Nevada City. And, everybody smiles!
  • Shawn Tuttle
  • 2006 days, 1 hour ago
Local produce rocks! We buy straight from the farmer. The music is great, the atmosphere of the morning is so friendly, community-oriented, and just plain awesome. This really is what local is all about.

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  • deborah stanley
  • 1927 days, 9 hours ago
Our market is small but packed with punch. Local organically grown fruits and veggies at really good prices. Our farmers are really aware of substainability and community. Plus there is always great music and eats-we are small but sweet!
  • Scott Hickman
  • 1927 days, 19 hours ago
NC is the greatest place for locally grown, organic foods - a great place to live.
  • Elisa Parker
  • 1928 days, 8 hours ago
Great small town community market and created by INCREDIBLE people and changemakers! This market features local farmers and vendors along with live music.
  • Penelope Curtis
  • 1928 days, 23 hours ago
It is filled with locally grown produce, locally made baked items, its buy local through & through. There are local musicians providing a wonderful backdrop to a hot cuppa'. It is quintessentially, Nevada City! Home Town! Home Grown!
  • Anonymous
  • 1942 days, 11 minutes ago
I live here! Many of the growers are friends. It's fabulous to be able to buy fresh, reliably good food from people who love working the land.
  • Richard Baker
  • 1949 days, 4 hours ago
Because it provides a great venue for community as well as a great place to gain access to all the great locally grown foods from this community.
  • Randi Pratini
  • 1953 days, 19 hours ago
This is the freshest it comes; picked that morning as the sun is cresting the horizon. Local here truly means local! Where else can one shop where he / she knowsthe farmers and the locale from whence comes the food?
  • Aimee Retzler
  • 1954 days, 8 hours ago
It's simply yummy! It awakens all five of the senses and get's the weekend off to a fantastic start.
  • Terry Lowe
  • 1954 days, 9 hours ago
Because it's all local farmers, many of whom I know by name, and who grow great quality produce and make great quality food products. I love supporting our local farmers.
  • Dave Peterson
  • 1954 days, 9 hours ago
It's as grass-roots and farmer-supporting as they come.