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Hillcrest Farmers Market

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  • Michele Yoshioka
  • 1980 days, 2 hours ago
It's the best one!!!
  • Courtney Thomson
  • 1979 days, 2 hours ago
This is the best farmers market in SD. Aside from normal farmers market offerings they have some nice food stands. A visit here makes for a great Sunday morning!
  • Lara Gates
  • 1979 days, 18 hours ago
We support locally-grown, sustainable, small farm food production.
  • keith willis
  • 1980 days, 17 minutes ago
i am a vendor at the market and have been for three years. love it!
  • Sue Doyle
  • 1970 days, 53 minutes ago
Amazing flowers, wonderful unique and delicious food products and beautiful artisans....always been my favorite!

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  • Anonymous
  • 1928 days, 16 hours ago
  • Rico Zamora
  • 1928 days, 22 hours ago
The people are great, the deals are bountiful and the quality of the fresh fare is indescribable. I like that people can come together in a community-oriented event in order to support local business owners and healthy--read: yummy--food growers.
  • sheila kreysler
  • 1929 days, 20 hours ago
Excellent source for local produce; also they have alot of vendors selling food, clothes and other goodies
  • Heather Kendall
  • 1930 days, 25 minutes ago
This market has an eclectic selection of produce and other great local products and to top it off are the 7th Day Buskers playing their hearts out to very appreciative and dedicated crowd of children and adults alike. This is a great place to mingle with your community!
  • Glen Clabaugh
  • 1930 days, 1 hour ago
They always have the best produce, the nicest vendors, and the most amazing crafts. I could go every week and find something new!
  • Barbara McNair
  • 1930 days, 2 hours ago
It has a large selection of fruits and vegetables, both common and unusual. Plants are also offered, ranging from cacti to herbs. There are wonderful food stands and fresh fish, pesto, bread, crepes, etc. are available. This market also offers vendors of unique clothing, colorful table linens, jewelry, glass, etc. All in all, the VERY BEST farmers market I have ever been to. Everyone in San Diego LOVES it.
  • Sandra Timberlake
  • 1930 days, 5 hours ago
This is a very nice market that is diverse and located in the city if San Diego.
  • Alana Horais
  • 1939 days, 1 hour ago
Great variety and super friendly people!
  • Anonymous
  • 1939 days, 19 hours ago
Great produce, wonderful people.
  • Taylor Katz
  • 1940 days, 18 hours ago
The Hillcrest Farmer's market is so stocked with fresh goodies I find it overwhelming! The sheer amount of products, as well as the variety and the taste testers, make this the best market I've ever experienced. I look forward to it every week!