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Pulaski Farmers Market

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  • Russell Cregger
  • 2322 days, 21 hours ago
Good place to get local produce from people with a green thumb.
  • Melinda Williams
  • 2325 days, 4 hours ago
It provides the perfect location for locals to market their homemade or homegrown wares. Good people, great products. Can't wait for it to once again have a train station to call home.
  • Debbie Keener
  • 2320 days, 4 hours ago
Our market is SO alive with produce, local made products, fresh honey, and the best knowledge ever! I always learn something new about gardening every Saturday.
  • Diane Newby
  • 2325 days, 22 hours ago
There is nothing better than fresh produce!

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  • Anonymous
  • 2311 days, 46 minutes ago
Great people, fresh food out of the garden and very, very good prices
  • Anonymous
  • 2311 days, 2 hours ago
i love the market i used 2 live in pulaski had to move back 2 nj 4 awhile, but i get there 1x a month and the people r gr8 shirley bandy is a gr8 organizer and there is a girl named crystal she sells homemade jewelery. the fruits and vegatables r gr8 i cant w8 2 move back there good luck pulaski farmers market thank u, jon
  • charlene thornton
  • 2311 days, 2 hours ago
this is my hometown, and i have freinds that put out and care about what they sell and buy and they do have some good buys just got to look for them. give them a chance..
  • Anonymous
  • 2311 days, 4 hours ago
You get the fresh good food better than the store a must have!!
  • Lee Newby
  • 2311 days, 12 hours ago
I agree with my wife "There is nothing better than fresh produce! "
  • Connie Leathers
  • 2314 days, 20 hours ago
Like to support local vendors. Get nice organic produce.
  • Sheila D. Nelson
  • 2319 days, 51 minutes ago
It is important for people in our area to support each other, and locally grown produce is the freshest and best available.
  • TJ Cox
  • 2319 days, 4 hours ago
I like it.
  • james martin
  • 2319 days, 6 hours ago
excellent products, great people
  • David Keener
  • 2320 days, 4 hours ago
Love our local grown produce and products!!!