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Mendocino Farmers' Market

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  • Cheri Langlois
  • 2427 days, 9 hours ago
It's the best...go every friday and pick up really good stuff.

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  • Lauren Sparacino
  • 2348 days, 12 hours ago
Mendocino County can feel pretty isolated sometimes, but the farmers' market is a great way to bring together the people that are out there in our widely dispersed community. There's always amazing produce to be found, artisan cheeses, some neat crafts, and lively music. Good times for the family, friends, and everyone!
  • Crystal Leatherwood-New
  • 2422 days, 17 hours ago
The atmosphere is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the produce is extremely tasty. Not to mention organic and good for you. The grocery store is a foreign place when the market opens. I love this community and the food and friendliness we share.
  • Robert Burns
  • 2425 days, 12 hours ago
We have local growers who neeed our support in order to keep producuing the wonderful array of fresh fruit and vegetables and the fine selection of local flowers. Living in a toursit town, the Market provides a much needed social event for locals to interact, and feed our community spirit.
  • laura maione
  • 2425 days, 13 hours ago
we love regional and local foods in mendocino county, we are actively participating in growing foods and are concerned with the best organic, nonGMO and heirloom varieties. thank you for your contest and bringing the farmer back into the lives of the people with this post we may not get as many votes as the union square greenmarket NYC which is so fantastic , but we could win the random $250 Keep our food Natural!
  • Anonymous
  • 2426 days, 13 hours ago
I love the sense of community and the intimacy of buying from local venders.
  • Seth Kelman
  • 2426 days, 13 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2427 days, 3 hours ago
I love to see a road closed to traffic, but open for vendors and buyers of fresh food. I love that our town is not just a tourist town. Locals and tourists appreciate connecting with the vendors. The vendors enjoy connecting with everyone.
  • Ida Matson
  • 2427 days, 6 hours ago
We are a small North Coast town with limited local markets. The Mendocino Farmers market is a real treat, really local grown( you can tell because of the the size) and the freshness of every product. If it is not in season, it's not there. Goat cheese local maker, Tea same, bread pastry, plants ....Anything local and organic...
  • Anonymous
  • 2427 days, 8 hours ago
Local growers with excellent produce; great social gathering too.
  • Cheri Langlois
  • 2427 days, 9 hours ago
It's the best...go every friday and pick up really good stuff.
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