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Grand Lake Farmers Market

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  • Roxie Kellam
  • 2306 days, 9 hours ago
Best mix of farm fresh food, non-food vendors, and prepared food, wide price range and excellent quality. The Grand Lake Farmer's Market is an anchor in the resurging vitality of this Oakland neighborhood. It's a Saturday destination - much of it by pedestrians.
  • Sheila Addison
  • 2347 days, 3 hours ago
It is an amazing community resource that is available year-round to the people of Oakland.
  • Elisa Sharkey
  • 2350 days, 9 hours ago
Great food, good prices and very family friendly.
  • Anonymous
  • 2307 days, 6 hours ago
The food there is always top quality and the farmers know how to teach the public about the best possible ways to tell the best..and most important how to be more responsible for our planet..
  • Linda Selph
  • 2323 days, 6 hours ago
Year-round gorgeous produce, much of it organic; beautiful handcrafts; superb meat, dairy, and eggs; all in a lovely park setting. My favorite place in the world to be on a Saturday morning.

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  • Anonymous
  • 2264 days, 10 hours ago
It has everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Amazing music great vibe, awsome vendors, lots of families and babies and beautiful pregnant ladies all over the place. The most beautiful crafts and artizinal goods, and even vegan soul foo for crying out loud! It's THE BEST! And even the market manager, Yank is great. He halped me breack into my car after I locked my keys in it one time... he is always with a smile, just like everyone else there. It's a great, great market...and so down to earth and reasonably priced!
  • Aaron Prohaska
  • 2266 days, 9 hours ago
I love sitting on the grassy hill overlooking the market in the sun watching people go by.
  • Lucille Adams
  • 2266 days, 11 hours ago
I support my local Farmers Market becasue everything is fresh and it helps our town - and we can see friends and neighbors out enjoying them self
  • Jessica Salazar
  • 2267 days, 17 hours ago
  • J D
  • 2271 days, 1 hour ago
  • Kassie Rohrbach
  • 2272 days, 10 hours ago
  • Megan Andres
  • 2288 days, 6 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2290 days, 9 hours ago
  • Debra StJohn
  • 2293 days, 3 hours ago
Because it's fun, the food offerings are amazing and there's little kids playing in the fountain and rockin' good music. Best show and shopping in town!
  • Jason Chafin
  • 2293 days, 11 hours ago
This market is wonderful. The vendors are great, the location is incredible. It's great that Oakland has laid the groundwork to support such a wonderful asset to our community.