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Burbank Farmers' Market

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  • Sarah Dornbos
  • 2351 days, 18 hours ago
Great variety of vendors, Great prices, Great way to spend a Saturday morning, supporting my community and sustainable agriculture.
  • Debra Cain
  • 2355 days, 3 hours ago
I live in Burbank.
  • Kaye Armstrong
  • 2309 days, 5 hours ago
They always have the freshest and most beautiful produce and flowers!
  • RM Carreon
  • 2355 days, 22 hours ago
To get more awareness of the Burbank Farmer's Market
  • Angelo Venturelli
  • 2355 days, 23 hours ago
Great fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, wonderful tamales, and a great fish monger. And, the people are as good as the food!

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  • Robin Leslie
  • 2268 days, 5 hours ago
It is local for me to get to. I can depend upon it being there every Saturday with fresh and organic produce offering healthy choices for the citizens of Burbank, CA.
  • jennifer duston
  • 2294 days, 22 hours ago
I love that they are open rain or shine, and that I can ALWAYS count on strawberries...they are AMAZING. Also the hummus...and the people are so friendly...Burbank rocks.
  • Anonymous
  • 2299 days, 8 hours ago
It is wonderful and regular and needs a bigger home (they moved it to a smaller parking lot recently).
  • Caitlin Muelder
  • 2307 days, 16 hours ago
Shop locally and you support your community. Shop at a farmer's market and you support the environment, the economy and you sense of community.
  • Anonymous
  • 2308 days, 18 hours ago
Better for the farmers, better for the consumers, better for the environment. Burbank's market has nice merchants, great choices and is the place to be in Burbank on Saturday morning.
  • Jef Norton
  • 2309 days, 4 hours ago
Friendly merchants. Excellent local produce and other offferings make Burbank's Farmer's Market an excellent Saturday morning habit!
  • Kaye Armstrong
  • 2309 days, 5 hours ago
They always have the freshest and most beautiful produce and flowers!
  • Samantha Persoff
  • 2344 days, 23 hours ago
Small and intimate, everyone knows and supports each other, it is the best place to be on a Saturday morning!
  • Anonymous
  • 2347 days, 10 hours ago
Because they're awesome
  • Karen Broderick
  • 2349 days, 17 hours ago