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Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market

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  • Anonymous
  • 2242 days, 1 hour ago
It is open year-round, even in the snow, making it easy to get into the habit of shopping every week. It also has a great volunteer staff that provides recipes, explains which foods are in season, and directs us to which vendors have each food.

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  • Billie Meyer
  • 2179 days, 15 hours ago
thery are open all year long with the freshest organic produce avbailable.... they also have a wide range of things, seafood, meats, flowers, cheeses, etc. i try to do all my shopping there, especially in spring/summer/fall.
  • Katie Campbell
  • 2200 days, 16 hours ago
  • sheilah goodman
  • 2218 days, 16 hours ago
The best in DC
  • Stephen Kendall
  • 2218 days, 21 hours ago
  • Hilary Treat
  • 2219 days, 19 hours ago
  • Janel Doughten
  • 2220 days, 18 hours ago
The absolute best! You can get fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, seafood, plants, flowers, bread, sorbet, milk, cheese, all sorts of prepared food, and even handspun wool. I could not live with out it!
  • allison lilly
  • 2220 days, 18 hours ago
It is the best!!!
  • Anonymous
  • 2220 days, 19 hours ago
I believe in supporting smaller, local, farmers vs. factory farming, supporting organic farming, and cruelty free animal treatment - i.e. cage free and healthy chickens. The vendors at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market provide all this, plus delicious produce and beautiful flowers and, because it remains open throughout the year, provides a wonderful sense of the reality of seasonal change. After a winter of potatos and onions it is a thrill to see the first flowers and fresh lettuce appear in the Spring. The family/dog social ambience is also lovely.
  • Sharita Gruberg
  • 2220 days, 20 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2220 days, 21 hours ago
Great, fresh, local food! Yum! Love that we have mushrooms, dairy, flowers, etc in addition to veggies...