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Durango Farmers Market

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  • julie cooley
  • 2380 days, 11 hours ago
The market provides access to farm fresh food - - kids corner - fresh baked goods - great coffee and is where to go to meet your friends and neighbors
  • Connie Chamberlain
  • 2380 days, 9 hours ago
I like to support local business whenever I can. The produce and goods available are of excellent quality and help our farmers/ranchers succeed. The feeling of community for which we in Durango pride ourselves is never so strong as when I wander through shopping at my leisure, enjoying the sounds, smells and visits with my neighbors!
  • Ted Talmon
  • 2380 days, 8 hours ago
Buy locally has always been a way of purchasing any of my goods and services in Durango. A community supporting local business by its citizens is a health community.
  • Tierney Skahill
  • 2380 days, 8 hours ago
The Durango Farmers Market is an event, a way of life that reminds us that we are all connected on this beautiful earth enjoying it's bounty!
  • Christopher Isensee
  • 2379 days, 3 hours ago
In addition to its being a source of wonderfully flavorful and nutritious foods, it is also a very pleasant venue for meeting friends and renewing acquaintances. What pleasure it is!

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  • Robin Davis
  • 2338 days, 10 hours ago
Fresh organic produce that you can't get in the grocery stores!
  • Meghan Scully
  • 2350 days, 23 hours ago
  • Bethany Niccum
  • 2360 days, 7 hours ago
The community spirit that is cultivated in the market nourishes the soul as much as the food nourishes the body. The energy and support that it gives our community truly helps us all THRIVE!
  • Dianne Donovan
  • 2367 days, 21 hours ago
Love the local food. Great ambiance and great people. It's a winner.
  • Teresa Halsey
  • 2372 days, 5 hours ago
This is a well managed excellent market. Just enough produce vendors with some added extra flavor. Music, honey, art, aprons and food food food.
  • Erika Roberts
  • 2375 days, 4 hours ago
Love it!! Great local products, produce, friends, atmosphere!
  • Barb Morgan
  • 2377 days, 11 hours ago
I love the fresh veggies, local meats and eggs!
  • Katie Sparks
  • 2377 days, 11 hours ago
The local vendors supply great produce, meat, and cheeses. I enjoy seeing people from our community that I usually don't run into. I can accomplish shopping while visiting..
  • Elizabeth Roberts
  • 2378 days, 4 hours ago
I love how are community comes together and supports each other. Plus the food is always fresh and great.
  • Jan Measles
  • 2378 days, 8 hours ago
All of the people are friendly and helpful and the many items that I have purchased I've been extremely happy with!!
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