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  • Anonymous
  • 160 days, 4 hours ago
  • Jeff Drake
  • 160 days, 19 hours ago
It's great!
  • Jodi Miller
  • 160 days, 22 hours ago
  • Kate Reid
  • 190 days, 5 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 191 days, 3 hours ago
always a great variety of fresh produce,exotic prepared foods,friendly folks
  • Anonymous
  • 191 days, 4 hours ago
I like to support local farmers and shop local. I love all the booth's inside and the farmers outside!
  • Katie Doughty
  • 191 days, 21 hours ago
I like to support local farming and the North Market has some great fish!!!
  • marc taub
  • 192 days, 23 hours ago
because of the fresh produce and to support the local growers
  • Craig Butkiewicz
  • 193 days, 3 hours ago
I do not support the North Market.
  • Ann Karimy
  • 193 days, 5 hours ago
My kids love the ethnic restaurants and the chance to sample different items all at one place. I love the Wasserstrom store for fun kitchen gadgets you can't elsewhere. The location makes it easy to get in and out of after work.
  • Perry L Meyer
  • 193 days, 10 hours ago
Everything is fresh. It is centrally located with hours that are perfect for the downtown life. Prices are average, but the products are outstanding: fresh flowers, eggs, and fish; rice, stuffed grape leaves; and all the foods from the variety of cultural, culinary cuisine around Columbus that this little world has to offer. Excellent space for eating lunch with many co-workers.
  • Chris Gillespie
  • 193 days, 19 hours ago
It's just the best. Local veggies, local meat, great meals on the run, all in this historic market in an amazing neighborhood and city!
  • Anonymous
  • 195 days, 14 hours ago
There is no better place with a wider variety of local foods and marketers in central Ohio. The summer market is superb.
  • kori berman
  • 196 days, 12 hours ago
  • Patrick Gardner
  • 196 days, 18 hours ago
It's a great place to get fresh, locally grown food from local vendors who in turn support their local communities.
  • Suzy Sprague
  • 197 days, 1 hour ago
local and delicious, and afforable too!
  • Anonymous
  • 197 days, 1 hour ago
I love the food and the atmosphere! It is the heart of down town Cbus!
  • Anonymous
  • 197 days, 5 hours ago
I love the great selection of farm fresh produce, and the friendly people.
  • 199 days, 13 hours ago
Local farmers and vendors support
  • Ward Weber
  • 200 days, 2 hours ago
Awesome vendors, great produce and other products - great place to visit on a Saturday morning!
  • Peggy Outcalt
  • 200 days, 2 hours ago
Fresh Local Produce. Great farms. Variety of selection is wonderful
  • Susan Lynch
  • 200 days, 14 hours ago
The North Market is a great gathering place in an urban setting. It offers a diverse selection of foods, and locally grown produce, plants, honey, and other goodies. The North Market has been a mainstay in Columbus for about 133 years.
  • Hannah Adkins
  • 200 days, 18 hours ago
  • Amanda Smith
  • 201 days, 29 minutes ago
North Market has a fantastic variety and quality. The people are genuine.
  • Scott Green
  • 201 days, 2 hours ago
Freshest, homegrown and local produce, meats, breads, seafood you can find. Can't forget Jeni's ice cream some of the best ever round. Also, the staff that works at there various stalls loving what they do and sharing that with the customers.
  • Stacie Wickham
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
The atmosophere, the diversity, the food, and most importantly the people! You can't beat it!
  • Jeffrey Colombo
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
Because it is the heart of the city.
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 22 hours ago
I love the local folks and food.
  • Jan Mills
  • 202 days, 4 hours ago
The food and bakery items are the freshest in town. I like to be able to buy local products and help support local farmers. The restaurants are really good and it's just a really friendly place to shop. The ambience is great.
  • Jayne Barnes
  • 202 days, 5 hours ago
It has a great selection, wonderful Saturday market vendors, and friendly people.
  • Briana Henry
  • 202 days, 23 hours ago
Fresh veggies, fresh fruit (amazing salsa place). You can't go wrong with the prepared food/fresh foods. I have yet to have anything I regretted buying. PS. Where else can you buy Cayenne/Chocolate Ice Cream?
  • Michelle Funk
  • 203 days, 11 hours ago
North Market has the best food in the country, as far as I know. Omega Artisan Bakery, Jenni's, and more than I can name. LOVE.
  • Kathy Mauerman
  • 203 days, 16 hours ago
Great shops -- fresh food -- great bread and wine and cheese -- organic beef -- fresh produce -- awesome flowers -- delicious restaurants
  • Kenda Alexander
  • 203 days, 17 hours ago
The North Market has a wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables not to mention the atmosphere. We love going to visit Barry's Deli. They have awesome Reuben's and Roast Beef sandwiches.
  • Dustin Cordray
  • 203 days, 17 hours ago
Because I can remember when I was younger my grandfather would take my brather and I to the North Market for doughnuts. I can remember shopping for my first mothers day gift at the North Market, flowers and a loaf of bread. I miss thouse times, but I know I will have many more memories to come when I have children of my own and I take them to the North Market
  • Lyndsey Murphy
  • 203 days, 17 hours ago
Great diversity and really personable people!
  • Renee Ritchey
  • 203 days, 17 hours ago
variety, fresh foods, great atmosphere
  • Kirsten Houck
  • 203 days, 18 hours ago
I love supporting local businesses! The North Market helps enhance Columbus' "coolness."
  • Cindy Terapak
  • 203 days, 18 hours ago
love the selection
  • Frank Hesik
  • 203 days, 18 hours ago
There is nothing like fresh vegetable's & they have them, The People are great and its a nice place to start a sat. Morning.
  • Jonna Brandon
  • 203 days, 18 hours ago
local, local, local!! fresh, fresh, fresh!
  • Trish Gentile
  • 203 days, 19 hours ago
Local Flavors, variety and faces I know. It is my home away from home!
  • Mary Pat Martin
  • 203 days, 19 hours ago
Great people, fabulous food, and our home away from home.
  • Sharon Roney
  • 203 days, 20 hours ago
The variety of merchants here and the quality of food is first class. It gives us city dwellers a chance to eat local! They have the best special events too!
  • Sam Canterbury
  • 203 days, 20 hours ago
Lac Viet Market is my favorite lunch spot in Columbus. As a chef i love the different food intrests that the North Market has to offer.
  • Heather Fidler
  • 203 days, 20 hours ago
North Market is the cornerstone of local goods and culture. I take all of my out-of-town friends there to get a feeling of the true Columbus. I take myself there at least once a week to restock my kitchen.
  • Anonymous
  • 203 days, 20 hours ago
I love the variety of shops and fresh foods available. I love the international cuisine I can buy there.
  • courtney jacobs
  • 203 days, 20 hours ago
My parter and I take our daughter to the North Market at least once a week for bowl of Pho and some Jeni's! We also love Omega'a fresh, artisan breads, and the AMAZING selection of fresh veggies. It is truly one of Columbus's finest gems!
  • Amy Morrison
  • 203 days, 20 hours ago
North Market is the closest thing to heaven in Central Ohio. They are an amazing advocate for local growers and artists, offer an amazing variety of products and entertainment and are a wonderful asset to and advocate for Columbus communities.
  • Debra Carpenter
  • 203 days, 21 hours ago
The North Market is an excellent place to shop! I love the variety of fresh foods/produce available and very kid friendly!!!
  • Anne Delekta
  • 203 days, 21 hours ago
Great variety of vendors, great farmers, very well run!
  • Maryann Kafer
  • 203 days, 22 hours ago
Buying great local meat, poultry and produce from people I trust - THAT's homeland security.
  • Mryia Williams
  • 203 days, 22 hours ago
I love the selection! On Saturdays you have the wonderful array of fresh seasonal produce from local farms, on the first and third Sunday you have a delightful assortment of Artisan wares, and everyday over 30+ merchant personalities blend together to form a great community market!
  • Sheri Nordman
  • 203 days, 22 hours ago
The North Market is one stop shopping for all things yummy and unique. I love being able to support local and individual entrepreneurs over the big companies.
  • Debi Leonard
  • 203 days, 22 hours ago
  • Levon Alexander
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
There are a lot of shops in there that I just LOVE
  • Anonymous
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
fantastic selection of restaurants and groceries! a great way to support local businesses.
  • Nancy Kidder
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
amazing selection of local foods.
  • Molly Kurth
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
The entire market is a great showcase of small business, Ohio companies and community - great food, great events, amazing community engagement and support
  • Linda Morgan
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
Its just the best! Selection is superb, flowers are magnificent, people are the nicest in the country, what else is there?
  • Joyce Rhinehart
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
I have "roots" that go back to the North Market from my Great Grandmother Eitel who came here from Germany in the early 1900's and always shopped there (even when it was at the old location and was called Central Market). Then her neice (my cousin) Thea Weigert came here from Germany as well when I was a 4 month old baby. She shopped there for 50 years nearly EVERY saturday of my life basically. When she was ill and literally on deaths bed, she still wanted to be picked up and go to the North Market for her eggs, meat, bread, cheese, and of course her weekly flowers from Bobby and see the young lady at Bluescreek who she would have adopted if she could. I love the North Market for many reasons, but shopping there brings me to close to 2 people I've lost in my life that meant the world to me. I feel I'm honoring them by carrying on the tradition of wanting to support such a great place. I don't have the disciplined habits they did by being so consistent, but I know when I need to make a meal extra special, that is where I go for the best of the best. Thea may have come here from Germany, but she was a very proud American who knew more about this country than people priviledged to be born here. Great Lady! I know the North Market must miss her too!
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 1 second ago
Great variety, great farmer's market, nice atmosphere & friendly vendors
  • Trais Carney
  • 204 days, 31 seconds ago
Friendly market, Local goods, Great atmosphere
  • Coco Kneisly
  • 204 days, 1 minute ago
Great variety & selection
  • Samantha Mittelstaedt
  • 204 days, 6 minutes ago
Wonderful locally grown produce, variety of vendors and selcetion
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 7 minutes ago
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 8 minutes ago
The North Market is a urban delight. The farmers on Sunday bring not only the best produce, many of them bring years of knowledge and are more than willing to share. You can get everything you need at the market...fresh produce, farm raised beef and poultry, fresh fish and wonderful wine. What more do you need?
  • Stephanie Busack
  • 204 days, 9 minutes ago
Great selection of fresh ingredients and a variety of food that has allowed North Market to become a true destination in central Ohio
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 11 minutes ago
  • Hilary Nelson
  • 204 days, 13 minutes ago
The vendors are like local icons! It's a great locale to find all sorts of unique ingredients
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 14 minutes ago
I love the North Market because the people and vendors there are amazing people and there is always something going on there!!
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 15 minutes ago
  • Laura Smales
  • 204 days, 18 minutes ago
I love all of the different vendors and it has such a great, independent, local feeling.
  • Alexandrea Green
  • 204 days, 20 minutes ago
Great selection of products and vendors. Everything is fresh and delicious! Love to support the local community... and it's right by my office so I can just walk on over.
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 22 minutes ago
Great products and great quality
  • Eric Martineau
  • 204 days, 22 minutes ago
Local foods, independent merchants, great events, urban location and great history. It has it all.
  • Laura Rees
  • 204 days, 28 minutes ago
Best variety and quality of produce and lots of other cool stuff!
  • Amanda Anderson
  • 204 days, 28 minutes ago
They are right next to where we work and all of the vendors are SO nice and always remember my name :) They rock!
  • Mary Martineau
  • 204 days, 31 minutes ago
We have the most fabulous merchants and farmers. It's a great place to work too!
  • ruth harper
  • 204 days, 4 hours ago
I love going to the North Market. the food is great and there is so much to choose from. You know that whatever you choose to take home will be of the highest quality and will be safe for your family.
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 5 hours ago
Great space, management and products
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 21 hours ago
Best quality and always so much fun! Also, this is the same as Columbus North Market, so you should combine the votes for a total.
  • Alexandra Konet
  • 205 days, 2 hours ago
North Market gives a number of small business owners the opportunity to reach a great number of people. I love supporting our local farmers!
  • Carolyn Hughes
  • 205 days, 2 hours ago
I love how eclectic it is, and the fact that it is central. Not in a suburb.
  • Wayne Cocchi
  • 205 days, 3 hours ago
Variety of vendors with fresh veggies, fish, poultry, cheese, food, wine and many ore items. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming too!
  • Kathi Hess
  • 205 days, 14 hours ago
it's central city, fun, clean & always unusual.
  • Anonymous
  • 205 days, 15 hours ago
variety, freshness, proximity, and great food/produce.
  • Trevor Brown
  • 206 days, 50 minutes ago
We love it and spend every weekend there.
  • Gene Kinbur
  • 206 days, 1 hour ago
Because it's local and has good potential.
  • Anonymous
  • 206 days, 5 hours ago
A stop at the North Market is an integral part of our Saturday ritual, in addition to it being a source of local produce and a great place for running into friends.
  • Anonymous
  • 206 days, 5 hours ago
  • jodi kushins
  • 206 days, 15 hours ago
local. yummy. need i say more?
  • Ken Petri
  • 206 days, 17 hours ago
Terrific selection of locally grown veggies, meat, breads, cheeses, with a wonderful wine shop and lots of good prepared food. Just a great place to shop and spend time with family and friends.
  • Anonymous
  • 206 days, 17 hours ago
  • Rick Livingston
  • 206 days, 18 hours ago
The North Market is the warm heart of Green Columbus--an anchor of the community and a visible bridge between the city and the land that feeds us. A jewel in Central Ohio.
  • Kimberly Kolleck
  • 207 days, 1 minute ago
  • Kimberly Kirtland
  • 207 days, 1 hour ago
It's got a great selection of local produce, meats cheeses, fish and a great variety of treats that will satisfy any sweet-tooth.

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