all votes for Clintonville Farmers' Market

  • Anonymous
  • 118 days, 20 hours ago
The produce is terrific and the farmers are friendly.
  • David Wilson
  • 119 days, 3 hours ago
I try to eat local foods whenever possible. Fresh greens, tomatoes and kombucha--does it get any better?
  • Ann Tobin
  • 130 days, 4 hours ago
I love to be able to walk to the market every saturday morning. I think the fresh produce is amazing as well as the varities and quantities. I love how accessible and willing to talk the merchants are to dicuss growing procedures and giving tip for the back yard veggie gardners like myself.
  • Elizabeth Ciroli
  • 144 days, 2 hours ago
It has wonderful, friendly people and offers so much variety! I never walk away empty-handed or disappointed.
  • Jules Angel
  • 145 days, 1 hour ago
Local farmers, experts in telling you how they grow stuff, yummy food, seeing neighbours - what a great way to start the weekend!!
  • Stephen Arambasick
  • 145 days, 1 hour ago
I love walking there with my wife each week. It's an opportunity to connect with my neighbors-- both from my neighborhood, and from my local agrarian neighborhoods!
  • Anonymous
  • 145 days, 1 hour ago
They have the best produce and a variety of other things to buy. The people that sell there are always friendly.
  • Alissa Keel
  • 145 days, 2 hours ago
friendly vendors with many food choices, occasional entertainment
  • Barbie Luna
  • 145 days, 3 hours ago
Great vendors with nice variety of offerings!
  • David Greene
  • 159 days, 58 minutes ago
Local and good support for Clintonville. No need to drive to Morris Rd when you can walk down to High Street and buy local.
  • Morgan Robinson
  • 159 days, 2 hours ago
Amazing selection of items and HUGE selection of gluten free items and very very reasonable in price!
  • Charles McCarthy
  • 159 days, 15 hours ago
I like them.
  • Dawn Stanko
  • 159 days, 20 hours ago
Just amazing peaches, Yumm.
  • Anonymous
  • 160 days, 2 hours ago
  • Denise Clark
  • 160 days, 5 hours ago
I love the vendors and their products!
  • Skye Maclester
  • 167 days, 2 hours ago
The market is held in the center of the neighborhood, rather than at some fairground or something, so it's a real community event! To get there, my neighbors & I can ride our bicycles, take the bus, or walk. The selection of produce is fantastic - I do 90% of my shopping here during the growing season. And the vendors themselves are wonderful - small & local farms, with the majority committed to organic and sustainable farming practices. I'm proud to support them!
  • Tonia Hazelwood
  • 167 days, 2 hours ago
The vendors are very friendly, and the variety and quality of the fresh produce is excellent!
  • Luanna Brammer
  • 169 days, 37 minutes ago
It's a community network of very dedicated folks. They not only support local farming through supply, but also are very attentive to education, sharing, and community growth in general. The benefits and involvement they are offer just make you right at home with farming.
  • Laura Nein
  • 169 days, 21 hours ago
They open in the rain. They always greet you and answer questions. It's the best way to start a weekend.
  • Sara Saldoff
  • 172 days, 2 hours ago
It's local fresh food, what more could a girl ask for?
  • Tracy Van Niel
  • 174 days, 16 hours ago
It's local, the majority of the vendors are organic or follow organic practices, each year it seems to grow with even more varied and unique vendors are added each year
  • Anonymous
  • 178 days, 1 hour ago
Dog-friendly! Lots of vendors.
  • c berndt
  • 178 days, 19 hours ago
local, close to home, convenient healthy foods
  • erin ogden
  • 181 days, 2 hours ago
  • Joe Peffer
  • 181 days, 21 hours ago
the best goods, services and people and the most community driven organization in town, Clintonville Farmers Market feeds the body and the soul.
  • Jeanne O'Keefe
  • 181 days, 22 hours ago
Great people, wonderful fresh local food, good prices and so convenient!
  • Anonymous
  • 183 days, 4 hours ago
Spirited, excellent quality, strengthens community and connects with other nonprofits
  • Jessica Fagan
  • 189 days, 18 hours ago
Hands down, this market offers the greatest variety of produce, meats, dairy, and baked goods around! Everything always looks beautiful, the farmers are friendly, it's within walking and biking distance of my house...what more could you ask for?
  • Carie Haugh
  • 195 days, 7 hours ago
It is in my community which is part of a larger city. I am so grateful to have a market that is committed to providing it's supporters with quality local produce, plants, dairy products and even bread!
  • Jeannette Nini
  • 195 days, 16 hours ago
The market farmers cater to the Clintonville customer. They know Clintonville shoppers want local, fresh and will try new things. If you ask a producer what's new today? They will often not only offer you a sample, but will instruct you in how to prepare it.
  • Mary Brothers
  • 196 days, 1 hour ago
I have just recently discovered this gem of a market and love going to get fresh, beautiful produce!
  • Sherman Hall
  • 196 days, 3 hours ago
This market has more variety and overall higher quality than other markets in our area. This is due, in large part, to the fact that the market director actually visits farms, gets to know the farmers, and looks to include growers of diverse products. The growers themselves are second to none, and it is clear that they care about direct interaction with customers; it's better for them, and better for us.
  • Margaret Hutchinson
  • 196 days, 14 hours ago
It's where I pick up my CSA share and any other produce I need for the week. I love it and all the people there!!
  • Andy Hippensteele
  • 196 days, 22 hours ago
  • Judith Coletti
  • 197 days, 1 hour ago
Tasty fresh-picked local organic veggies and fruit, yummy cheeses and honey, enthusiastic farmers and residents, support for hard work and great products, people serving each other, a happy affair for all who participate.
  • Shawna Stursa
  • 197 days, 15 hours ago
I support Clintonville Farmers' Market because the vendors are like family. There is an abundance of organic food is grown with love. The best bee pollen ever. And a great patch of wild growing sour dock that I pick every week near by ;)
  • Janet ID
  • 197 days, 17 hours ago
Great local farmers, bakers & other nourishment providers - community atmosphere & right in the heart of the neighborhood - social hour on Saturday mornings - and a brilliant start to the weekend. We are well-fed!
  • David Hudson
  • 198 days, 16 hours ago
The food is terrific and it is certified grown in Ohio.
  • Ann Heineman
  • 199 days, 4 hours ago
Just plain fun and nutritionally good for us! The location is close to the COTA bus line, too. I "graze" the market from one stop to the next.
  • Lisa Reece
  • 199 days, 13 hours ago
I like this market because it brings our community together. I love meeting the various neighbors and other guests. I enjoy the fine produce and other products that are sold. People work hard to produce these products, and the quality is great.
  • Debbie Britton
  • 199 days, 21 hours ago
The fresh fruit and vegetables are amazing and the atmosphere is very welcoming.
  • Jo Fruechtnicht
  • 200 days, 4 hours ago
The Clintonville farmer's market is a community supporting our local agriculture. We are blessed each week with hard working farmers, gardeners and bakers offering the fruits of their labor. The selection is wonderful and the products fresh and tasty. The farmers/vendors have become part of our community; sharing their secrets, recipes and stories. I look forward to my Saturday morning walks to the Clintonville Farmer's Market!
  • Catherine Erney
  • 200 days, 6 hours ago
Great fresh local produce - what's not to love?
  • Anonymous
  • 200 days, 18 hours ago
Beautiful food, friendly people doing good work.
  • Anonymous
  • 200 days, 19 hours ago
good produce
  • Lawrence Ackert
  • 200 days, 22 hours ago
  • Judy Leddy
  • 200 days, 23 hours ago
There is such a great variety of fresh produce. I try a new item each time I go. It's obvious that the farmers who are their love what they do. The produce is the best quality!
  • Shana Swartz
  • 201 days, 52 minutes ago
It is a wonderful market attended by loving farmers that truly care about the quality of the produce and other products they offer. You can feel the love!
  • Kate Carey
  • 201 days, 1 hour ago
high quality produce friendly farmers great experience for families
  • Mark Johnston
  • 201 days, 1 hour ago
I love the farmer's market. People are great and the items offered are even better. Great, not only for Clintonville, but many other near by communities that come on a weekly basis. It is well known around Columbus. Bar Nunn.
  • Ricky bradford
  • 201 days, 1 hour ago
Fresh vegetables and fruit. Organic. The best.
  • Maria Kleier
  • 201 days, 2 hours ago
  • Katie B
  • 201 days, 3 hours ago
It's local, in season and the quality of produce is so amazing. Where else do you get to meet the people who grew your food?
  • Michael Goff
  • 201 days, 3 hours ago
From the huge variety of fresh produce, to the locally produced and made cheeses, the wonderful meats (OMC pepper-bacon anybody? ;), and the best bread I've ever had (La Petite Boulangerie, EVERYTHING ;) we have it all at the Clintonville Farmers Market AND I can put a meal on the table where nothing on it came from more than 30 miles away without breaking the bank.
  • Kelvin Lawrence
  • 201 days, 3 hours ago
It offers us local produce, artisan foords and crafts that are nearby and affordable. It is a center of social activity and community information on Saturday mornings. Not every neighborhood is so fortunate.
  • Emily Vazquez-Coulson
  • 201 days, 3 hours ago
I enjoy buying my food locally from people I am getting to know personally. The feeling at our farmers' market is friendly and festive!
  • Joe Compnotta
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
that is a GREAT place to shop !!!
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
I love eating fresh, healthy food; there are so many great organic products and I like supporting local farmers; plus, it is fun!
  • Beth Montgomery
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
I love it! The farmers goods are the best and I love what they offer. I love having this market in my neighborhood. I love that my kids can see that we support fresh, locally grown produce and other goods. It's exciting and I hope it continues to grow!
  • Gail Merry
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
Well organized and a good experience always. Wonderful access to local food.
  • Thomas Rottmayer
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
It's local and is well supported by both sellers and buyers.
  • Elizabeth Harzoff
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
I love being able to see the people from whom I am buying local, fresh food. I also want to support their businesses--not agribusinesses or overseas companies.
  • Jen Robb
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
It is a family friendly joyful affair!
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
I love all the fresh, local foods at great prices! I love it that we can freeze fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries to have in the winter too!
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
I like the fresh products very much that Clintonville Farmers' Market provides. Those fresh products make my life more healthy. Thanks.
  • J Leonard
  • 201 days, 4 hours ago
Awesome market! Local and fresh. They have everything from bread and eggs to meats and produce...and don't forget the cheeses.
  • Jennie Cisar Lawrence
  • 201 days, 5 hours ago
  • Sheila H
  • 201 days, 5 hours ago
It reminds me of my childhood... when we shopped at roadside stands for produce or early morning Sundays when we bought eggs from the farm's refrigerator on the honor system (and I'm not that old!). I like knowing where my food is grown and how it's grown! I love the freshness of the food and that the stand owner has to have produced the goods. All the owners or their reps are right there, very, very pleasant, and especially helpful with suggestions for items I might never have tried before; I learn so much about how they've produced the food. In addition, it's a small-town urban/funky atmosphere and every week is an adventure.
  • Esty C
  • 201 days, 6 hours ago
My favorite way to start off the weekend is a Saturday morning stroll through the Clintonville Farmers Market. Fresh produce, bakery, eggs and friendly folks--all the ingredients needed to whip up a great weekend!
  • Claire Skinner
  • 201 days, 6 hours ago
I enjoy meeting the farmers and the people who grow, make, and sell the products I buy at the Clintonville Farmers' Market.
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 6 hours ago
It's the best farmer's market in town!
  • Mary-Anne Willard
  • 201 days, 6 hours ago
Direct contact with the people who actually grow the food without the intervention of middlemen allows farmers to profit more from their labor is a fabulous way to get the freshest possible (and produce at it's most nutricious peak) is a win-win deal for all. The Clintonville market has a festive atmosphere making it a blast to attend and easy to support our local farmers! I love it.
  • Jeremy Kleier
  • 201 days, 7 hours ago
  • Mike Bierschenk
  • 201 days, 14 hours ago
It's my local market! Where else can I walk and get delicious, local foods direct from their producers?
  • Robert Wills
  • 201 days, 14 hours ago
Fresh produce and meat.
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 15 hours ago
Close & friendly. Has the items I am looking for and love the atmosphere.
  • amy sand
  • 201 days, 15 hours ago
  • Heather E
  • 201 days, 15 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
They have a wonderful mix of producers and require sellers to produce their own goods. It's a great opportunity to meet the person who grows or makes your food.
  • Marion Wolfe
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
I love the variety, the location, and the great fresh produce!
  • Marlene Suter
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
Great food, wonderful people!
  • Nicolette Hudson
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
I value the opportunity to support local farmer's and companies, eat fresh and organic produce, and socialize with so many wonderful neighbors. The market really is an asset to our community!
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
Love the fresh food and friendly atmosphere.
  • Dale Genter
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
  • Mary Kennedy
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
I started going to the market because I wanted more control over the level of chemicals and pesticides in my food as well as a desire to buy locally due to environmental concerns, but I continue to go every Saturday because of the wonderful environment and the quality food. Our farmer's market really is a great community event - one where you can rub elbows with your neighbors while browsing a wide variety of delicious local food, talk to your farmers animatedly about how their fields are doing, and listen to the local musicians performing on the street corner, all while dodging kids and dogs and friends chatting about the best way to cook their new purchases. Last year the market even expanded its season so that it went through the winter and kept us going until the spring shoots came again. Now I cook more than I ever have before, I eat much healthier, and I really feel that our market is a substantial reason why!
  • Dawn Grieves
  • 201 days, 16 hours ago
  • Karen Hopper
  • 201 days, 17 hours ago
I love the local produce and products. Support your local grower and human animal raiser.
  • Jayne Reynolds
  • 201 days, 17 hours ago
I can't imagine our neighborhood without the farmer's market, which gets better every year. Not only do I eat healthier during the market season, savoring the superior taste of the freshest produce, meats, poultry, dairy, baked goods and more, but I also enjoy it as a weekly neighborhood gathering place. I chat with old friends, meet new ones, and learn about the food I'm eating from the farmers who grew it. Beats the grocery store by a mile!
  • Elizabeth Neer
  • 201 days, 17 hours ago
  • Wendy Turner
  • 201 days, 17 hours ago
Every year it gets better & better & has strong community support. We look forward to going every week!
  • Annie Louden
  • 201 days, 17 hours ago
  • Jeremy Smith
  • 201 days, 17 hours ago
What a great way to buy nutritious food and get most of the cash into the hands of the great folks that assume all the risk to grow it. Most all that we buy was picked within a few hours and is worth every cent.
  • Mary Beth McCormick
  • 201 days, 17 hours ago
Market day is my favorite day of the week. It's always a delight to see what is new and available. I love supporting local farmers, seeing my friends, and snagging yummy veggies, fruits, eggs, meat and baked goods. Since I discovered the Clintonville Farmer's Market, my family eats better and I am one contented cook!
  • Mary Lou Langenhop
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
great group of farmers, great opportunity to see friends and be part of a great community of farmers market shoppers.
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
Food that is still so fresh and alive - you can't get that at the grocery store. You feel like everything at the market has a story.
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
The food is fresh, bountiful and holesome. The sellers are knowledgeable and ever-so-friendly. The whole neighborhood is out shopping.
  • Michael Hansen
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
my wife just love's it
  • Allison Skotis
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
It's beautiful! It's the best!
  • Judy Petrou
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
  • Tim Juchter
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
Fresh, delicious local food available extremely locally--how could I *not* support the Clintonville Farmers' Market?
  • Anonymous
  • 201 days, 18 hours ago
great atmosphere and real neighborhood
  • JR Prospal
  • 202 days, 14 hours ago
I have friends that have stands there and i've met new friends going there. Plus, I live in Clintonville, it's the closest farm market.
  • Jenny Sigler
  • 202 days, 23 hours ago
They have so many amazing things for sale there - of course locally grown fruits and veggies, flowers and the like, but they also have local produced honey, vegan burgers, free range eggs, cheeses, meats! another selling point - the weekly music (typically bluegrass). It's nice to shop while listening to some jams! the market is not the largest in the city but it is definitely my favorite!
  • Michael White
  • 203 days, 15 hours ago
it's the food
  • Emia Oppenheim
  • 203 days, 15 hours ago
It brings local food to our doorstep. It has revitalized the community and our commercial hub area. It has made Clitonville that much more hospitable.
  • Anonymous
  • 203 days, 19 hours ago
A great mix of people in a lovely part of town!
  • Anonymous
  • 203 days, 20 hours ago
Because we can walk there!
  • Bannon McBride
  • 203 days, 21 hours ago
Because it is wonderful!
  • Ann Woods
  • 203 days, 23 hours ago
Not unlike other farmers' markets, I suspect, our Clintonville FM is a terrific neighborhood "happening": such a variety of fresh, organic produce, flowers, creative products to eat, music, laughter, new finds each week to supplement our own garden, and, best of all, the spirit-lifting benefits of meeting the farmers who grow your food and getting together with friends and neighbors (and families) in a healthy, knowing-you-are-helping-the-planet setting. It just feels GOOD.
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 4 minutes ago
  • Beverly Vogeley
  • 204 days, 54 minutes ago
The community feeling, good will and friendliness make everything taste and smell better (if thats possible), plus I can walk to the market and support local growers.
  • Janice Taft
  • 204 days, 1 hour ago
  • Molly Maloney
  • 204 days, 3 hours ago
Clintonville is a producer's only market. It's all about the food. There aren't any crafts there, just farmers selling their well tended crops. The farmers are all so great. It's walkable for most of Clintonville. It's a great community gathering every Saturday.
  • Ashley Taft
  • 204 days, 3 hours ago
Cheese curds! Raw peas! Honey! And so much more that I haven't explored yet!
  • Brian Erickson
  • 204 days, 3 hours ago
I enjoy supporting local farmers and they are within walking distance of my house!
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 4 hours ago
  • Diana Marcil
  • 204 days, 4 hours ago
I want to support our local farmers. They provide us with great food!
  • Chris Palmer
  • 204 days, 4 hours ago
The variety of produce and meats and the outstanding vendors!
  • Sarah Taft
  • 204 days, 4 hours ago
  • Craig R. Simpson
  • 204 days, 5 hours ago
Large variety of food and products as well as great people.
  • Niheala Reeves
  • 204 days, 5 hours ago
Great folks, good selection.
  • Mike West
  • 204 days, 6 hours ago
It's great, convenient and fun.
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 14 hours ago
They're close to my home and have a huge variety of delicious foods to choose from!
  • Andrea Gorzitze
  • 204 days, 15 hours ago
Fresh veggies grown locally within walking distance of our home.
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 17 hours ago
  • Anne Fish
  • 204 days, 17 hours ago
The food is fresh and best of all, local. I'm happy to support Ohio farmers who produce the best and most nutitious food.
  • Anonymous
  • 204 days, 18 hours ago
It's in my community.
  • Elizabeth Wetherholt
  • 204 days, 20 hours ago
It is OUR community market.
  • s fixler
  • 204 days, 23 hours ago
fresh, organic produce, eggs from cage- and hormone-free hens, beautiful flowers, great vendors, great crowd, great music and walkable!
  • Judy Kress
  • 205 days, 1 hour ago
  • Jan Sally
  • 205 days, 3 hours ago
Because it IS a "Farmer's Market!"
  • Denise Brenner
  • 205 days, 6 hours ago
It's nice to support local farmers - it's close and convenient!
  • Deb Baillieul
  • 205 days, 10 hours ago
I can always find fresh eggs, honey-soap products, fresh greens, delicious strawberries and raspberries, plants for my new rain garden and most of all friendly people both farmers and neighbors. I love the music-today a guitar singer with children's songs, some days bluegrass,other days classical tubas! Parking ios easy and biking is easier. And there;s good advice for the small veggie garden.
  • Florence Jain
  • 205 days, 16 hours ago
It's a family event! We walk down, buy fresh product, cheese, etc from friendly vendors, then sit for a cup of coffee as our friends walk by & stop to chat. It makes us feel close to our neighbors.
  • Brian Kuru
  • 205 days, 16 hours ago
I shop the Clintonville Farmers' Market every Saturday morning because of the food quality and freshness, and the friendliness of the local farmers/vendors.
  • Robin Gilbert
  • 205 days, 16 hours ago
It's close, with wonderful fresh produce.
  • Kathryn Kiefer
  • 205 days, 17 hours ago
I love talking to the farmers and sharing different ideas about how to use the recent harvest in new and creative ways....great community building ...
  • sara frank
  • 205 days, 17 hours ago
we are able to walk to the market, get all the produce, bread and general staples we need from local growers who don't mess with the food. my daughter loves fresh berries and spring asparagus and it's important to me that she experience the market as well as eats yummy food.
  • Diane Harry
  • 205 days, 18 hours ago
It is close and has a wonderful selection of produce, meats, plants, and baked good.
  • Peggy Berger
  • 205 days, 18 hours ago
Fresh, local food. Community-building as we run into Clintonville friends and neighbors.
  • Brijesh Shah
  • 205 days, 18 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 205 days, 18 hours ago
I want to support local growers, eat healthy, and reduce dependance on shipping our food supply across country. The long distance shipping is hard on the environment and economy in so many ways (energy consumption, takes money away from small farmers, etc) and the quality of the food is far inferior than what is locally grown.
  • Richard Brown
  • 205 days, 19 hours ago
Because it's where I live and it keeps getting better and better.
  • Maureen Metcalf
  • 205 days, 19 hours ago
Great food. I really like supporting our local farmers.
  • Alan Woods
  • 205 days, 20 hours ago
it's local, it's mostly organic, it's fresh, it's every Saturday. What's not to like?
  • Sarah Leslie
  • 205 days, 20 hours ago
in the last 5 years, I've seen this market go from hum drum to phenomenol. The local growers are knowledgeable and friendly. They grow great produce. The community has really bonded through this market and is a gathering place for music, food and fun on a weekly basis. It also helps that it's only 4 blocks from my house! love it.
  • Molly Calhoun
  • 205 days, 21 hours ago
Convenient - local
  • Suzanne Watkins-Martinez
  • 205 days, 21 hours ago
Because we have the best variety of vendors working hard to provide yummy, healthy food for us!
  • Patricia Ryan
  • 205 days, 22 hours ago
Variety, proprietors, customers.
  • Meredith Joy
  • 205 days, 23 hours ago
It's so festive and delicious! It is my favorite part of the week!
  • Anonymous
  • 205 days, 23 hours ago
It's right in my neighborhood!
  • Rita Atlagovich
  • 205 days, 23 hours ago
Great selection and well-run!
  • Yutan Getzler
  • 206 days, 1 hour ago
It is a wonderful neighborhood resource for fresh food and building community.
  • Sharon Tinianow
  • 206 days, 2 hours ago
Great produce, grass fed beef, chicken and eggs, and a great place to meet up with friends.
  • Donna Richard
  • 206 days, 5 hours ago
Great fresh food, friendly people, fun social scene.
  • Patricia Wright Stover
  • 206 days, 19 hours ago
I love the fresh produce and fruit.
  • Shelley Welsh
  • 206 days, 20 hours ago
The variety and quality of the offerings are beyond compare. So close to home and a great meeting place for friends and neighbors.
  • Alicia Huddleston
  • 206 days, 23 hours ago
Great fresh produce!
  • David Blombach
  • 207 days, 3 minutes ago
Farm-fresh produce only two blocks from my home. What's not to love?
  • Melissa MAGERS
  • 207 days, 12 minutes ago
Know folks involved, local, great selection of products
  • David Palmer
  • 207 days, 1 hour ago
I love having a small, local market out on the street in my neighborhood.

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