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Viroqua Farmers Market

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  • Emily Rozeske
  • 2345 days, 11 hours ago
It is in the organic mecca of Wisconsin and offers a wide variety of produce and crafts in a central location. Saturdays are spent mingling with neighbors and enjoying the bounty of the area!
  • Therese Laurdan
  • 2347 days, 12 hours ago
To get wonderful local food that is delicious and nutritious. I love connecting with the local farmers. Having a relationship with the farmer is the next best thing to growing it yourself. I also like to keep my money local whenever possible. The atmosphere is inviting, fun and friendly.
  • Hallie Ashley
  • 2349 days, 2 hours ago
Heart of some very fertile earth, Viroqua has an amazing diversity and bounty of people and their food or medicine at the Market.
  • Rikardo Jahnke
  • 2342 days, 48 minutes ago
I'm a vendor there, and love the close connection to my customers that the small town setting allows. With Amish and Hmong there, it's cross-cultural, which feeds another kind of hunger for small town folk. The town is small enough and the market lively enough that it really IS the excitement in this community on Saturday morning. Feels great to be a part of it!!
  • michael oosten
  • 2345 days, 10 hours ago
an every growing community of dedicated organic farmers bringing beautiful and delicious foods to share with everyone brings a wonderful community spirit to our quaint small town.

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  • Anonymous
  • 2261 days, 15 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2292 days, 13 hours ago
Good variety of high quality products at reasonable prices, friendly and trustworthy vendors, in a beautiful area.
  • Sandra Skarda
  • 2303 days, 14 hours ago
Nice variety, fresh produce, friendly people, firendly city
  • Gwen Hatfield
  • 2304 days, 11 hours ago
It is a great way to support all the local venders and also a gathering place
  • Dan Nielsen
  • 2323 days, 12 hours ago
It's got everything, and it's all organic!
  • Barbara Davenport
  • 2335 days, 15 hours ago
It's a great opportunity for people to be able to buy freshly picked farm produce from the people who took the time to grow it and bring it to the farmers market.It is also a great place to meet new neighbors and learn new growing tips on how to grow better crops.
  • Anonymous
  • 2339 days, 3 hours ago
Great market, great vendors, great customers, great town!
  • Jane Even
  • 2340 days, 6 hours ago
As a transplant in the area, I enjoy helping my daughter vend at market as it helps me connect and blend in with my new-found community. Farmers Markets, especially the Viroqua Farmers Market, create an atmosphere where you get the welcoming, old-fashioned feeling of belonging, home, and community. Local Farmer's markets have been a part of my life for many years, primarily because I have a true appreciation of value: not just in the product, but for the artisians who grow, make or produce the goods. The heartfelt love the vendors have of their profession or craft shines in their faces as they proudly dislay and earnestly chat with folks who want to spend and keep their their hard earned dollars locally. That is value...everybody comes out a winner!!
  • Kathleen Crittenden
  • 2341 days, 13 hours ago
On Saturdays, everyone I know comes to the Viroqua Farmers Market. It is so lively and friendly that many other activities and events surround it.
  • carol willis
  • 2341 days, 15 hours ago
I have been selling at the Viroqua Farmers Market for about 8 years. Usually in the spring with plant sales. I have seen it grow from just a handful of vendors to market completely filled vendors and customers. It is a place to make new friends and customers. Often in rural areas a place to sell our products it far away, but Viroqua Farmers Market is near to many of the growers and it is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.