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West Windsor Community Farmers' Market

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  • Adria Sherman
  • 2426 days, 12 hours ago
Not only does the farmers market provide great, fresh, local produce, it has created a wonderful sense of community in West Windsor! A real "go to" place for Saturday mornings. I enjoy walking there- so it's good exercise and nutrition. Adria Sherman
  • Greg Caravello
  • 2426 days, 14 hours ago
Convenient location, lot's of nice people, working and shopping. Nothing like local Jersey Produce.
  • Anonymous
  • 2426 days, 19 hours ago
WW community Farmers Market is the Best farmers market ever to exist in NJ. The people and atmosphere is always the best not to mention the top quality locally grown produce. I enjoy attending the market weekly, rain or shine, because the market brings a peaceful completion to my saturday mornings and I feel freshed after leaving. The vendors and people at the market are always gracious and friendly; they really know how to make my shopping experience worthwhile.
  • Theresa Best
  • 2426 days, 20 hours ago

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  • Anonymous
  • 2384 days, 4 hours ago
The West Windsor Farmer's Market is close to home. The produce is fresh, something I'm not finding in my local grocery market. As a child I grew up going to the Cleveland Farmers Market in Ohio in the 1960's and '70. I remember the produce always being full of flavor, with a reasonable shelf life. Today's grocery store produce is bland and spoils easily. Something I really don't quite understand. I've come to realize the grocery stores do not care about selling produce with nutrients locked in them. It all comes to it looking descent enough to make a dollar. Basically, I stand by our local farmers, particularly those that participate in West Windsor, NJ
  • Alexia Delman
  • 2389 days, 4 hours ago
It is just the best! Great people/vendors, great environment and of course, great food. A lot of diversity week to week.
  • Barbara Best
  • 2420 days, 6 hours ago
This market has such great vendors and the people are so nice!
  • Anonymous
  • 2421 days, 22 hours ago
It's good for the community and all the food is amazing!
  • Bonnie Blader
  • 2423 days, 4 hours ago
Each year, it gets better. It is loyal to its farmers, well-balanced and run to benefit both the community and the farmers who come each week. It has become a place where residents can appreciate their community.
  • chuck zarzecki
  • 2425 days, 11 hours ago
Quality & diversity of food is excellent.. The people who run the market do a great job.
  • David Haynes
  • 2425 days, 13 hours ago
great produce at fair prices
  • Janet Pfeiffer
  • 2425 days, 20 hours ago
Best fruits, veggies, eggs, cheese, coffee, poultry available! not to mention wonderful music, meeting friends, general hanging out,
  • Ariel Sherman
  • 2425 days, 22 hours ago
  • Gaby Stember-Young
  • 2425 days, 22 hours ago
The West Windsor Farmers' Market is a great place for the residents of the West Windsor area to gather as a community while enjoying fresh and local food as well as local entertainment. I'm so glad that there's finally a place in WWP where people can gather. It's great to support local farmers!
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