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Anderson County Farmers Market

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  • Janet Arnold
  • 2168 days, 3 hours ago
We have a great selection of produce and a wide variety of plants - many native ones - to select from along with a variety of local made products. I'm especially fond of the homemade soaps and body creams that one vendor makes and there's always a good selection of local honey.
  • Kelly Smith
  • 2168 days, 18 hours ago
It unites the community and helps support each other.

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  • Rosemary Gregory
  • 2081 days, 8 hours ago
Excellent, fresh fruits and vegetables...all at a reasonable price!
  • keith arnold
  • 2157 days, 12 hours ago
I support Anderson Farmers Market because I want to promote localy produced food and agriculture products and keep people in farming and fresh vegies just plain taste better.
  • Brandon Gale
  • 2159 days, 9 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 2162 days, 10 hours ago
  • Clifford Newton
  • 2164 days, 9 hours ago
Everything is grown in Anderson County by Anderson County residents.
  • Joseph Grace
  • 2164 days, 9 hours ago
  • Lisa Lynch
  • 2166 days, 14 hours ago
It's a wonderful place!
  • Zoe Pagillo
  • 2166 days, 14 hours ago
Great produce; great people!
  • Manella Calhoun
  • 2166 days, 15 hours ago
It is supporting home folk as they work hard and share their bounty. The produce is fresh and well presented. The folk are friendly as well.
  • Donna Maher
  • 2167 days, 3 hours ago
I am absolutely in love with Split Creek Goat Farm!