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Charleston Farmers Market

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  • Mary Ernst
  • 2353 days, 5 hours ago
Thumbs up to the Charleston Farmer's Market! I think Charleston has one of the best Farmer's markets in the country. Almost all our shopping is done through our CSA and the CFM. The Charleston Farmer's market gives us a way to connect with our local farmers through their fresh fruits and vegetables, farm fresh eggs raw goat milk, wine, plants, herbs and fresh flowers. In addition, there is a lively mix of local juried artisans on site each and every week, a plethora of delicious food vendors and local, live entertainment. It is a Saturday ritual for many of us.
  • Wendy Wicke
  • 2309 days, 3 minutes ago
Local artisans, local and organic food, produce, seafood, eggs, pasta, meats, etc... Love the Charleston Farmers Market!!
  • Anonymous
  • 2328 days, 20 hours ago
It's a great Saturday morning for the whole family.
  • Carol Tempel
  • 2354 days, 16 hours ago
Our farmers market has "charleston-based" farmers and artists selling their products. It's fun and the products are great. The best is seeing and greeting our friends.

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  • Angie Rogers
  • 2266 days, 23 hours ago
Buy Local, Be Local! I want to help strengthen our community by supporting lowcountry farmers and businesses. Plus, farmer's market Saturday morning breakfast is the best.
  • Paul Luman
  • 2268 days, 2 hours ago
It's Mine !
  • Bill Jones
  • 2268 days, 3 hours ago
  • George Kithianis
  • 2268 days, 3 hours ago
  • Lindsey Pakkala
  • 2304 days, 5 hours ago
Great produce and people and we love to support local organizations!
  • Anonymous
  • 2307 days, 6 hours ago
To give our Farmers business
  • graham drayton
  • 2307 days, 23 hours ago
They have the freshest produce and great vendors with live music and good food!
  • Anonymous
  • 2308 days, 5 hours ago
buy local!!
  • Lee Camden
  • 2308 days, 21 hours ago
fresh local produce at great prices.
  • Leah Brown
  • 2308 days, 22 hours ago
the people are so great and welcoming! and the food is absolutely wonderful!