10 Animals That Stay Together Forever

Mating for life isn’t exactly common in the animal kingdomóbut these sweet pairs prove that some species aren’t afraid of commitment. Here are 10 animals that stay together for life.

Animals That Stay Together, Forever

Animals That Stay Together, Forever [Infographic] by the team at

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George Stradtman
George Stradtman2 years ago

First Nations were in tune with nature and shaped their moral/ethical standards according to what they saw was "working" among all the other creatures who they observed constantly. Most of us modern European-influenced inhabitants of North America are alienated from our fellow inhabitants of earth and not significantly in touch with anything other than our own hedonistic drives. The Canada goose, with strong pair bonds and loyalty toward the flock, is my role model; the members of that species don't plunder the environment or wage war against others... They simply live out their lives and fill the sky with beauty during their migrations.

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Animals That Stay Together Forever-Why We Not ?

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All of these animals can be gay too! :)

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What about anteaters?

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