10 Healthy Picnic Food Ideas

Now that days are getting warmer, most people will be heading outdoors to parks and beaches to spend time with friends and family. Here are 10 great healthy picnic food ideas to take along to keep people nourished and enjoying themselves.

1. Watermelon

Nature’s perfect picnic food! Watermelon is packed full of vitamin C, extremely hydrating, and it can be cut up in advance, or carried whole and chopped up at your destination.

2. Homemade Superfood Trail Mix

Try mixing dried coconut chips, chopped almonds, walnuts, sprouted sunflower seeds and dried superfruit berries like dried mullberries and dried gogi berries. You can simplify by just adding your favorite nuts and seeds to this pre-made superfruit mix. This makes for an energizing snack that can be enjoyed by the handful. If you soak and then dehydrate and even sprout the nuts and seeds first, it makes a big difference nutritionally, because youíll release the enzyme inhibitors and make the nutrients more available.

3. Homemade Lemonade

To make a healthier version of this old favorite, avoid using processed sugar. Use liquid stevia instead of sugar, or try coconut palm sugar as an alternative low glycemic sweetener. Coconut palm sugar is a light brown color, so know that it will tint your lemonade; if you care about the color, blend with strawberry or another fruit to keep it looking attractive. If you want to kick up the nutrition factor, try adding 1 tbsp of†white chia seeds per cup of liquid for a dose of protein and brain-nourishing omegas. The recipe ratio for lemonade is approximately 1 cup of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice to 4 cups of water. Then just add your sweetener to taste. For an unexpected twist, try mixing in blended berries, grated ginger, or a few sprigs on mint. Feel free to get creative here, adding whatever flavors you like, and adjust all the ingredients to taste.

4. Finger Food Veggie Tray with Hummus Dip

Create a platter of cherry tomatoes, snap peas and some firm cut up veggies like zucchini, carrots and bell peppers. Serve with hummus dip for a nutritious grab and go snack.

Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

5. Jicama

Find this high fiber water-packed root vegetable at a farmerís market or in the produce section of your local health food store. Enjoy this hydrating crunchy vegetable by first cutting off the outer skin, and then cutting it up into french fry size pieces. Then either simply toss with lime juice and Himalayan salt, or make fat free †”Jicama Fries“†by tossing with lemon juice, Himalayan salt , turmeric, and yeast flakes.

6. Quinoa Salad

Serve cooked quinoa chilled with some veggies like diced avocado, corn and red peppers. Stir in a yummy cilantro lime dressing for a tasty high protein, mineral rich and gluten free salad.

7. Ants on a Log

Cut celery in about 3-inch long pieces, fill with almond butter and top with 3 raisins in a row for a fun presentation and great nutrition.

8. Antioxidant Fruit Salad

Mix blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and grapes for a sweet salad packed with antioxidants.

9. Creamy Kale Salad

Unlike a standard lettuce salad, this recipe keeps getting better as it sits. Remove the kale leaves from the stems (and save the stems for juicing) and tear or cut into small pieces. Massage the juice of one lemon into the kale, breaking the leaves down with your hands until you take out most of the crunch. Add 1/3 cup yeast flakes, 1/2 cup hemp seeds, Himalayan salt and your herbs of choice. I like Braggs ďsprinkleĒ which contains 24 organic herbs. Mix well and then mash in a whole ripe avocado. Coat all the leaves to give this salad a rich creamy texture that will make people fall in love with kale!

10. Easy Superfood Brownies

For some reason brownies have become a staple at picnics. Sadly they are usually packed with all the refined white powders we should be avoiding when we’re trying to be healthy. Try this raw recipe made with raw sprouted flour and a host of superfoods for a far healthier version of an old favorite. And youíre not giving up anything in the flavor department. These are delicious and very easy to make — you donít even need an oven!

Now go enjoy your sunny summer picnics!

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