10 Stop-Shopping Tips

Some people hate shopping, some love it–and the ones who love it seem to really love it. In a my-credit-card-is-through-the-roof and I-have-way-too-much-stuff kind of way. Too much stuff usually means clutter and clutter, for many, is the bane of the day.

Why not kick that clutter to the curb by taming your shopping with these 10 tips to kick the habit?

1. Go shopping only when you need something. Go with a list of what you need and stick to it.

2. To minimize impulse buying, leave your credit card at home. If you’re willing to pay cash for an item, it’s generally something that you really love or need.

3. If you see something you really want, walk away from it. Go to a different store, get a drink, or use the restroom. If you really want or need that item, it will be worth the walk back.

4. Before you buy any organizing product, ask yourself if you could just eliminate or minimize the things you were planning to organize.

5. Don’t buy something just because it is on sale. Buy it because you either need it or love it.

6. Buy clothes in coordinating shades. You’ll need fewer shoes and accessories to go with your outfits if you stick to the basics. You can plan your wardrobe around two or three basic colors for each season. Not only does it make daily dressing easier, but packing for a trip is simpler because you aren’t tempted to pack things that don’t mix or match.

7. Purchase only items to replace things that are worn out.

8. Think twice about buying souvenirs. Take photographs or keep a journal instead.

9. Don’t buy something if you already have something that can do the same job.

10. Remember that the very best things in life are free. Instead of spending money on stuff you won’t use or need a year from now, spend time with a friend or family member or with a good book.

See what Care2 blogger Sustainable Dave has to say in To Buy or Not to Buy? Is There Really a Question?

From Unclutter Your Home by Donna Smallin (Storey Publishing, 1999).


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