10 Surprising Uses for Oatmeal

You know that oatmeal is a delicious and healthy way to start your morning, but there are quite a few unconventional uses for oatmeal that might surprise you!

From DIY beauty to some crafty applications, there are a slew of surprising uses for oatmeal! The list below also includes a couple of ways to use oatmeal in your cooking that you might not have tried. The recipes listed below all use rolled oats, not steel cut.

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10 Surprising Uses for Oatmeal

1. Gentle Face Scrub – Slough away dead skin and leave your face glowing with this simple oatmeal face scrub recipe.

2. Poison Oak Remedy – Poison oak is the pits, and oats can help sooth that itchy skin to give you some relief.

3. Face Masks – Want a less abrasive alternative to the scrub above? Try this soothing oatmeal face mask for radiant skin.

10 Surprising Uses for Oatmeal

These granola bars are made with homemade oat flour instead of wheat!

4. Make Flour – You can replace some — or sometimes all — of the white flour in your recipes with wholesome oat flour.

5. Simple Hand Scrub – Mix oatmeal and water to make a paste for scrubbing dirty, greasy hands more gently.

6. Kill Garden Slugs – Slugs will eat up ground oats, which expand in their stomachs.

7. Fix a Savory Breakfast – Put down the maple syrup and try this interesting recipe for savory oatmeal.

8. Get Spooky – Stash this idea away for Halloween: oats add gruesome texture to your zombie makeup.

9. Oatmeal Clay – Whip up a batch of edible play dough for your kids with oatmeal.

10. Create Soothing Bath Bombs – You can scent these homemade bath bombs however you like with your favorite essential oils.

Have you come across any surprising uses for oatmeal? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!


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