10 Tips for New Cat Owners

By PetMD

Cats make great companions. Not only do they look good, they also keep mice away and have built-in motors. That’s pretty cool.

But there’s more to owning a cat than having a cute, soft, purring companion. Before you get one, there are a few things you should think about, and a few things that are just plain good to know.

PetMD shares 10 tips for cat owners:

1. Cats are indeed independent by nature, but they’re not quite able to take care of themselves. Before you adopt, make sure that your lifestyle can make room for a feline. How busy you are and the amount of time you spend at home will dictate the kind of cat you should get — very busy people may find it difficult to find the time for a cat that needs a lot of grooming and attention, especially the highly intelligent and active cats. But, there are cats that are ideal for the working lifestyle. Do your research.

2. What if your circumstances change after the adoption? Or if you work long hours and still want a friendly face to greet you at the door at the end of the day? Adopting a buddy for the cat to play with can be an excellent solution.

3. Do you have any allergies? If you do suffer from severe allergic reactions, consider testing yourself for feline allergies before bringing a cat home. Then again, some people with allergies might adapt to their own pet but still be allergic to other cats. A safe bet is to choose a cat with low allergens. Consult your vet, books, or animal shelter employees for suggestions.

4. Before you bring your cat home, take it for a checkup and immunizations. Also, schedule it in to be neutered as soon as age permits. This can mean the difference between a healthy and happy cat, and a miserable cat trying to claw its way through the windows or spraying your furniture.

5. Get a good litter box and quality litter. Covered boxes can allow you and your cat more privacy, and clumping litter is easier to maintain. Keep the box clean, for the comfort of your cat and your nose. Also, make sure you buy well-balanced, age-appropriate food for your cat. Ask your vet, the representatives at your local pet store, or take a look at “Smart Shopping for Cat Food” for some advice.

For ideas on alternatives to litter boxes, click here.

6. Cats love to play. Toy mice, string, feathers, and even empty boxes make for great amusement. Playthings needn’t be expensive (they can even be homemade), just make sure there’s enough to keep your cat happy, active, and mentally occupied.

7. If you don’t want your sofa shredded, or your new Louis Vuitton bag ruined, invest in a scratching post.

8. Catnip, and those little freeze-dried chicken nuggets are excellent tools for cat bribery and training.

9. Get pet insurance. We hope you won’t need it, but like they always say, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

10. If it’s a kitten you’re bringing home, make sure you start a grooming routine early. Bathing, brushing and trimming claws will be an event to look forward to, rather than something to dread.

And there you have it. These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when you get yourself a new companion. Another important consideration: Cats often live for around 20 years, so you and your furry feline friend will be together for a long time.

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"If it’s a kitten you’re bringing home, make sure you start a grooming routine early."

Very good advice. I adopted my kitties when they were older, they weren't used to grooming and now we constantly "fight" when it's brushing time:) I have to admit, I don't always win:)

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I also recommend getting to know people that have had a few different cats in their life. I volunteered for a humane society so I have dealt with cats with a lot of different issues. But I also help people who just look confused in pet aisles