Non-Toxic Way to Get Red Wine Stains Out

Dear Annie, What is the best method for removing red wine from white cotton? The tablecloth has a embroidered/color border. The stain sat for several days before it was detected. –Sally, TX

The best way or removing a red wine stain is to stretch the fabric over a pan in the sink, and pour boiling water over the stain from a height of three to four feet. This works most successfully when the stain is fresh.

Next try soaking the red wine in white wine to bleach it out. Finally, cover the stain with a thick baking soda paste, leave it for a few hours keeping it moist by spraying it with water from a spray bottle. Wash as normal.


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WOW i gotta try these tips. Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

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Baking soda is so incredibly useful for spills!

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Oxiclean and boiling water (it may also work with cold water, but never tried), soak stain that has never been put through the laundry until it disappears then launder as normal. This works on both white and colored fabrics and I believe that Oxiclean powder is non-toxic.

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