Nail Polish May Contain Lead

Q: I’ve been reading about the dangers of nail polish. Are the newer, “green” ones safe? –Shannon, CA

A: Are you a nail biter? A nail biter who wears nail polish? That nail biting may lower your IQ, put you in a coma, or worse. Iíve just read what for me is the last nail in the coffin for nail polish, and I had been so excited that some brands of this fun and decorative product had removed plasticizers and other toxics. What now? Random nail polishes may contain really high levels of lead.

A spot check of nail polishes sold in Taiwan revealed that the majority of nail polish–67 percent– is improperly labeled and that over two percent of the products tested contain large amounts of lead. The Taiwanese Consumer Foundation recommended that all pregnant women and children stop using polish completely.

Lead could also be in U.S. nail products, given that it is not one of the substances that the FDA has banned from cosmetics.

How about some Care2 readers spot test nail polish for lead in the US ? One brand of quick lead swab tests will test liquids, and they are affordable: Lead Check.

The possibility that lead is in nail polish is sad news to me, though. Who will pay attention, or even learn about it? Pass the news to your nail biting friends.

If you arenít a nail biter, pregnant, or a child, see safer nail polishes.


Elaine A.
Elaine Al Meqdad4 years ago

Put a clear coat down first, it also prevents thew color from staining the nails!

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good reminder

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Thanks for the info.

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Angie Lohan
Angie Lohan5 years ago

Anita, I have been using Deep Cover Nail polish for 3 years.It's the best .

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Deep Cover Nail System is on

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Chris Ray
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