15 Ways to Treat Your Lover This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show the loved ones in your life that you care for them. And while you may be hard-pressed to find anyone that will turn down a box of chocolates, there are a number of other ways to show love that are more meaningful than buying gifts.

These fifteen ideas will help you make Valentine’s Day a day to remember without falling into the trap of commercialization. Now let those romantic gestures shine!

15 Ways to Treat Your Lover This Valentine’s Day

Treat Your Lover on Valentine's Day

1) Leave a sweet note.

Sometimes the sweetest thing you can do is leave a romantic note for your partner to find. Words of affirmation or a little flirtation will make anyone’s day.

2) Plan a surprise outing.

Check out your city calendar to find local events that your significant other may enjoy. Comedy nights, magic shows or live music are all great choices.

3) Camp out in the backyard.

If you have the gear and the willpower, but not enough time to get out into the woods, pitch your tent in the backyard and make s’mores in the microwave!

4) Enjoy breakfast in bed.

Ahh, classic. Get up quietly before your partner, then make a meal that you know they’ll love. Bonus points if you add a flower stem or two.

5) Make a special dinner.

Have the cooking chops to set up a beautiful dinner at home? Get the house sparkling clean, lower the lights and set the mood. Making a special dinner can be a lovely way to enjoy quality time without paying the restaurant price.

6) Take a walk with a cup of tea in hand.

Talking a long walk in the park is a great way to connect after long days of work and busyness. Bundle up, fill your travel mugs and enjoy the night air.

7) Plan a vacation away together.

Maybe you don’t have the time for a weekend away this month. That’s okay! Sit down with your lover and plan an upcoming vacation instead. Enjoy exploring the possibilities and making plans.

8) Enjoy a night in to catch up on life.

Sometimes all you really need is a soft blanket and a glass of wine to have a nice evening. If you feel like you’ve been running the rat race of life lately, opt for a night in to recharge and reconnect with each other.

Treat Your Lover on Valentine's Day

9) Book a couple’s massage.

Is there anything more glorious? Let the stress and worry slip away, and enjoy some quality time together at the spa.

10) Attend a local concert.

It’s always fun to discover new music! It doesn’t matter if you know the band or not; grab up a couple of tickets. Who knows! You may stumble upon something fantastic (or something hilarious).

11) Recreate your first date together.

Use your creative mind to recreate the first time you went out with your significant other. Those memories are so special!

12) Cozy up at a bookstore.

Caught in bad weather? Grab a latte, then snuggle up with a book or two next to your honey.

13) Go stargazing.

The stars are so magical! If you are lucky enough to enjoy a warmish climate in February, this idea is doubly meant for you. Spend the evening reminiscing under the stars.

14) Take a long drive at sunset or sunrise.

There are few things more inspiring than a long drive with the windows rolled down. Bonus if you take your little trip at sunrise or sunset.

15) Create personalized scavenger hunts for each other.

This may take a little time, but the end result is worth it! Write a scavenger hunt for your significant other based on various elements of your relationship together. It will be a real treat for you both!


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Lemme get this straight, you're suggesting taking a long drive with the windows rolled down in FEBRUARY??!!! How is freezing to death romantic?

*gets out guitar, starts playing "Fair Charlotte"*

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Every Day should be Valentine's Day if possible

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I stuck with a box of fairtrade chocolates I bought from an Oxfam shop

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