16 Surprising Uses for Pencils & Erasers


Pencils are so much more than a writing utensil! From improving call clarity to fixing stubborn zippers, click through for 16 ways to use pencils.


Around the House.

1. Ease a New Key into a Lock. Is your new key being stubborn. Rub a pencil eraser along the key’s teeth and the graphite should help ease it in.

2. Repel Moths. Pencil shavings are a great moth deterrent. Keep your sweaters hole-free by placing a small cloth bag filled with pencil shavings in your closet.

3. Boost Phone Quality. Here’s an amazing tip: improve your cordless landline’s call clarity by removing the dust in the phone charger cradle. Use a pencil eraser on the metal squares.

4. Fix a Door. Here’s one the few tips that actually involves writing! To determine where your (wooden) door is stuck, scribble up and down the latch edge. Close and open the door, and check for the areas where the pencil has smudged.

Fashion, Beauty & Health.

5. Use an Eraser as a Makeshift Earring Back. Lost your earring back? Make a replacement with an eraser. As an added bonus, an eraser is easier on your skin than earring backs that contain nickel.

6. Roll Up a Toothpaste Tube. Don’t give up on that nearly-empty tube of toothpaste — roll the tube with a pencil to get every last bit of it.

7. Make a Splint in a Bind. If you’ve fractured a finger far away from a doctor, a pencil and a plastic milk jug can be used in a bind. Just get medical care as soon as you can!

8. Clean a Muddy Shoe. Boots can get muddy, and the million little treads can be a pain to clean. Ease the pain with the help of a pencil, both the eraser end and the sharp end, to get that gunk out.



9. Remove Sticker Gunk. You don’t need any special cleaners to remove sticker gunk — just rub a pencil eraser along the affected area to remove it.

10. Remove Crayon from Walls. So simple! Use a regular pencil eraser to remove crayon markings from a wall.

11. Get Rid of Scuff Marks on Vinyl Floors. Similarly, erasers work wonders on vinyl floor scuff marks.

12. Clean Keyboards & Cell Phones. Clean your electronics without damaging them with a pencil eraser.


More Great Uses.

13. Mend a Stubborn Zipper. Is there anything more frustrating than a stuck zipper?! Don’t worry, though, it won’t be a problem for long! Use your trusty pencil to solve it — just rub the eraser along the teeth of the zipper and it should lubricate it enough to work again.

14. Check if a Houseplant Needs Watering. Unsure if your houseplant is thirsty? Check how the soil is doing with a pencil.

15. Stop Tilted Picture Frames. Never have a tilted frame again with this clever trick: glue a few small pieces of an eraser to the bottom corners of the back of the frame.

16. Organize Sewing Kit. Safely store pins and needles in your sewing box with an eraser.


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Good tips thanks for sharing

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There are some good tips here. Thank you!

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DarkWinter DeepWinter

It's easier to finish up the toothpaste tube by cut the tube end open with a clean pair of scissors, and seal it with a clipper.

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Kamia T4 years ago

I presume when they refer to using a pencil to clean keyboards, etc. it is for the tops only, because if you get all that little gunk into the openings in the keyboard - it can really create a mess.

Plus, the hint on the zipper should use the pencil lead (which is graphite, and a natural lubricant) - not the eraser, unless there's something sticking to the zipper itself that you're trying to remove.

Lastly, the way you use a pencil to check a plant's water, is to stick the pencil down to a depth of about half of the pot. Not dirt sticking to the pencil, it's pretty dry. Wherever the dirt sticks, that's generally where it's still wet.